Beavers or Rainbows

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EnglishWeegie Sat 15-Mar-14 15:34:53

I know this has probably been done to death, but any views?

We are in north glasgow, and I am finding it very hard to find info on Rainbows in particular. I would like the group (especially as she moves up) to be very outdoor focused: camping in tents/rock climbing/canoeing/fires/bushcraft etc. Not so keen on crafty type stuff as I can do that at home with her.

Ive also been looking at facilities - the guide place at Loch Lomond looks pretty pants compared to some of the Scouting facilities eg at Fordell Firs (where I have taken groups in the past)

I am aslo aware that this is not just a guiding/scouting thing but also depends on individual groups - how can I find this sort of thing out?

If it helps I am happy to get involved and in the past used to facilitate various outdoor activities (although qualifications now expired)

DD is only 4 but I am led to believe that waiting lists can be VERY long...

Rangirl Mon 17-Mar-14 10:44:13

In my experience rainbows have very little outdoor experiences such as you mention, Brownies more so and Guides definitely .If you go on to the Girl guiding website and use the Join us system to register your daughter's name for Rainbows you will see the different units locally and can speak to the leaders or the District Commissioner to find out what kind of activities they do >Probably a good idea to put her name down asap if she has going to have any chance of a place even if you then decline it ,in my unit I have children of 6 months old on the list and if not registered by 3 would have no chance of a place

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