Glasgow University nursery

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whydoineedanewnickname Mon 24-Feb-14 10:37:19

Anyone got a child there? Any opinions, good or bad, please?

owllover Mon 24-Feb-14 12:48:17

Dd1 goes 2 days a week. She loves it and I don't have a bad word to say about it. Kids in her room seem very happy. Happy to answer any specific questions.

whydoineedanewnickname Mon 24-Feb-14 14:31:49

Well, that's a good recommendation, thanks owllover. I was just slightly concerned as the only inspection report I can find is from 2005, and searching the threads on here only brings up one result which isn't that complimentary (but is also quite old, and says that management had changed and it might be getting better).

If you don't mind specific questions ... do they have a good outdoor space at the back? I walked past the other day and obviously it's just totally tenement-y at the front. (It also doesn't seem to have a decent website, just a page on the main uni site without any pictures at all.) Healthy snacks? Low staff turnover (if you know!)?

Do you think they'd be amenable to me taking my DS out for lunch on the day he'll be in all day? I'm not sure if I actually want to do this as it might be nice having that hour to myself(!), but just wondered if it might be awkward/forbidden ... he's nearly 4 btw, so will only be in for just over a year.

owllover Mon 24-Feb-14 15:27:38

No problem. Outdoor space isn't huge to be honest but they do get out if it's atall possible. Also have seen the older kids (my DD is not yet 2) being taken out on excursions-pretty sure it was to the uni gym. The snacks they provide are healthy, having seen the Tesco delivery arriving and with the wee ones they give them tasters of different foods that I may not have tried DD with. You do have to provide a main meal and snack for your child though. And they won't heat it for you. The nursery itself is not the best equipped or the most spacious etc but the staff (at least in my daughters room) are excellent and caring. All other staff I have come across seem to be the same, very nice and know my DD's name etc which is always nice. My Dc2 due any day will hopefully go there and many of my colleagues have happily sent more than one child there.

Regards to staff turnover, all my DD's carers have been the same for a year. Any changes have been young staff gaining experience but they have been in addition to the core staff, not a cheap replacement.

I'm sure the management has changed since 2005, something rings a bell when you said that. Not sure how amenable they would be to you taking your wee one out for lunch, not something that I've asked about. I say you should enjoy the hours peace :-)

Hope this helps, as I say my DD is younger so you may have a different experience but I am very happy to send her there. Also I'd add I have used a different nursery whilst waiting for a space at the uni one and was much more comfortable leaving DD at the uni one.

whydoineedanewnickname Tue 25-Feb-14 09:10:30

Great, thanks a lot owllover! I suppose I probably will want the hour's peace after a while ... grin I did originally fancy the Montessori place up in Park Circus but it seems they're full at least till after the summer. Looks like the uni nursery will be a good alternative. I do want to see more recent inspection reports though - it must have been inspected at some point in the last nine years, surely?! Will ask when I go to visit.

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