Turtle tots v waterbabies

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Edm1 Tue 08-Oct-13 10:45:47

I'm wanting to start my baby swimming at 4mth old. Any opinions on which of these is better. They seem similar but waterbabies seems more established but also more expensive.

SnugglyBabies Tue 22-Oct-13 17:18:50

My granddaughter has attended Water Babies for several sessions. The instructor in the Moat house hotel is wonderful although the Moat house staff and the venue itself leaves a lot to be desired. She now attends Bellshill Hilton on a Sunday as her mum works during the week.

Not reasonably expecting her to swim independently yet, but she waits on the side of the pool without trying to jump in. She can also hold onto the side reliably. She has a wonderful time swimming both at the class and with family and she has no fears. Good luck with whichever you choose.

Vonstance Wed 23-Oct-13 21:21:57

I did waterbabies with DC4, she absolutely loved the first block but got "the wobbles" during the second and with no fuss whatsoever, Waterbabies refunded the full cost of the rest of the block. That in itself has made me a fan.

We went to the Esporta in Hamilton, it was lovely and clean. We then went to the Moathouse when she got over the wobbles and I actively disliked it for a variety of reasons including having to exit the changing room carrying a wriggling baby and walk along a corridor with steps to get to the pool, then return this way with a wriggling and now wet & slippery baby. If you can get to another venue, do.

SnugglyBabies Thu 24-Oct-13 11:18:43

Just an add on to my earkier post. I think this is a big bonus of going to the pool very young. Said Grandaughter (did I mention she has wings and a halo) has just returned from a holiday abroad. Her mum commented that the little one stayed clear of the edge of the pool without any fuss and still waits to be invited into the water. She is eighteen months old at present.

HairyMaclary1 Fri 15-Nov-13 14:16:44

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LittleNessies01 Wed 26-Feb-14 14:26:34

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pmcg83 Tue 04-Mar-14 21:40:59

I started my daughter at waterbabies when she was 12 weeks old at the Bellshill Hilton after it had been recommended by friends. I was very disappointed that 3 out of the 10 classes were cancelled. Twice via text at the last minute due to the temperature of the pool and once due to the changing rooms being refurbished. This is obviously an issue with the venue but I think after having the classes there a couple of years this is something that should not still be happening.
I decided not to continue to the next level with waterbabies and started Turtle Tots at DW Glasgow Fort and so far have been very impressed. We are now into our second week of Level 3 and never had a class cancelled. I find that overall it is better as the half an hour class seems to have more content in it and be more structured.

I would highly recommended Turtle Tots over waterbabies.

Pauline21 Wed 05-Mar-14 10:34:56

I can't comment on water babies but I cannot imagine that there would be anything they could add to their classes that would warrant the extra £40 per session that turtle tots don't offer.
I have been taking my son since he was 10 wks old to turtle tots n he is now starting block 3. Both him n myself love the classes. Already he is able to swim short distance under water, hold onto the sides confidently and is starting to be able to turn under water now (incase he fell in he would know to turn around n hold onto the edge). These are just the practical elements. It's excellent fun n good value for money.

Ains33 Wed 05-Mar-14 15:03:00

I don't really know much about the Waterbabies but I cant recommend Turtle Tots enough. I started taking my baby girl to TT when she was 5 months old and we still go to classes (currently on level 2). We attend the classes at Cameron House hotel which is beautiful location, the changing room is always clean and the baby pool is always very warm. Both myself and my daughter love the classes. The lesson are great and Julie who is our teacher is fantastic at delivering the classes.

Myself and my baby have so much more confidence when we are in the water together and she is learning with every lesson we attend and I just love seeing how well she is developing.

I think these classes are great and for what you get excellent value for money.

Justjan30 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:16:12

Well I can't recommend turtle tots enough, I started my boy Alfie when he was 5 weeks old and have been going ever since, and he is now 14 months now and we are in the toddler classes. Alfie is so confident in the water and so am I. Laurel our teacher is fantastic not only with Alfie but giving me reassurance if he does want to do anything one week. The staff are fantastic at the thistle hotel from reception staff to the restaurant staff while Alfie is running about mad.
I as so glad that I took Alfie to these classes not only for my bonding time with Alfie but the incredible mums it have met over this year.
You will be missing out if you don't choose turtle tots x

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