Homebirth and a broken fireplace

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wagnertoph Sat 21-Sep-13 18:44:56

thought I'd share this experience with the company Gibson & Goold with you, a respected place to buy and have your fireplace installed by. A few months ago we had a gas fireplace in our sitting room replaced by Gibson & Goold. They weren't cheap, but they did a great job installing it and it has been working great until now.
My wife was due yesterday (Friday) and we are still waiting for the arrival of our third child. As with the first two we are planning a home birth. The only room that is suitable for the pool is the sitting room. With the fire on, this is a cosy room, but without, because of the old sash windows, it gets cool very quickly, even with the central heating on. When the fireplace stopped working yesterday, right on time for our baby's due date, I didn't think this would be much of an issue since Gibson & Goold seemed like a good company to me and would no doubt understand the urgency with which we need somebody to come and look at the fireplace. I phoned them first thing this morning and was told by a very understanding person on the phone that even though their gas engineer was off until Tuesday they would try their best to get something sorted before then and took my mobile to call back to let me know what would happen next. 5 hours later I called again to find out what's happening, this time a different person answered the phone. This time I was told that the earliest somebody could come was Wednesday morning(5 days later!), since their one and only engineer was off until Tuesday and all of Tuesday was now fully booked. Seemingly nobody had any intention to call back, there was no mention of any other possibilities. All this after I explained to them the importance of the situation. I'm also not able to book another engineer under their warranty, I would have to pay for it myself, which I can't afford.
Gibson & Goold clearly don't see a homebirth as an occasion important enough to warrant any urgent attention.
So the birth is likely to happen with an electric heater in the room with the birth pool, thanks to Gibson & Goold's customer service.

So if you are thinking about buying a gas fire place, I would advise you to think carefully who to choose as your supplier and installer, Gibson & Goold won't be there for you when you need them, they'll just be there for you when it is convenient for them.
I will email them a copy of this post so they can comment/respond as they wish.

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