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Cesca1983 Wed 26-Jun-13 12:02:42

I hope you can offer me some advice to help me choose between the above hospitals in Glasgow. I have just moved to the Glasgow area recently so have absolutely nothing to go on.

i had my first baby in 2011 by emcs after a very long and difficult labour with huge baby in op position.

I am now looking to select a hospital (baby due early 2014) with a good track record for elcs or possibly VBAC but am undecided (and may not have a choice anyway).

I am not overly concerned about the after care - ie the food , or bedside manner of the midwives, as it was definitely nothing special the first time. All i care about it that the surgery or birth goes well and that myself and baby are ok.

I keep hearing that the post natal care is bad at the PRMU and the Southern and that particularly the Southern is like a 'factory conveyor belt of mum's'. This is about all i've got to go on, and you can imagine that's not helping me make a decision.

I am sure this topic will have come up in the past, but I know things change and develop over time especially with all the changes in the past few years in these maternity units.

It would be great to hear from any elcs or vbac mum's please.


toastwithjam Sat 13-Jul-13 22:12:14

Hi! I haven't had a section but had a forceps delivery in PRMU and that went ok(although did have PPH and transfusion, but was fine in the end). Postnatal care was good with midwives great with helping with feeding, as breastfeeding took a while to get established. I don't know about southern but I have worked at Princess Royal and can assure you the doctors and midwives are good, and sections are managed very well, I might be biased though. You can PM me if there is anything in particular you want to discuss.

Sarah12M Thu 25-Jul-13 10:17:23

Hi, not cs or vbac sorry, episiotomy only and higher risk as am older and baby showed distress signs. but, saw you didn't have many replies and wanted to say my experience at the southern in march was very good. yes it's a big busy hospital but i felt the care was very professional, both for me and baby. i suspect staff are stretched when the unit is busy, as 2 friends who delivered there when they were full felt postnatal ward bf support was patchy. but when a pph emergency happened they were immediately there to give required care. so, i don't think big is necessarily 'conveyor belt'. i've heard both good and bad stories from both hospitals. which doesn't help you choose, but i suspect either would be fine. good luck.

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