Schools in Glasgow: Craigholme or Hutchesons Grammar?

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suzyjetfighter Wed 19-Jun-13 10:01:19

My DD is 8 and we are moving over from Edinburgh to start school. State schools are full in local catchment so have decided to try private/independent.

Have to decide between Craigholme (all girls) and Hutchensons Grammar (mixed). Have read mixed reviews about Craigholme and good reviews about Hutchesons.

Would welcome any thoughts...

GlasgowNanny Wed 19-Jun-13 23:55:33

I've commented on similar threads before so you may have already read my opinion on the matter but what you have heard is correct and I would absolutely recommend Hutchy over Craigholme. It does seem to have a bit of a reputation for the children being particularly entitled but that has not been my experience. I also know a number of parents who have moved their daughters out of Craigholme to Hutchy.

Are you looking for her to start next term? If so school finishes on Tuesday so you may be a little late to enrol her in time, presuming they have space in her year and she passes the entrance exam.

suzyjetfighter Thu 20-Jun-13 13:48:54

dear glasgownannie thanks for all your advice. Can I ask - do you know of anything particular that is a problem with Craigholme eg. the head or is it just the general feel or outlook of the school that some have found difficult.

My DD has been offered places in both and they are equidistant from home so just want to choose the one that will be best for her.

GlasgowNanny Fri 21-Jun-13 22:13:21

Have messaged you

alyanj Fri 25-Oct-13 22:02:58

i'm also looking at these schools - also Glasgow Academy and High School of Glasgow. Any advice would be great as I'm moving from the USA so visiting is difficult. Also considering Douglas Academy and the state schools in the south (Williamwood, Jordanhill etc). It's hard to differentiate between them - they all have good websites and glossy brochures! I'm particularly interested in creative teaching not just exam results, a nurturing, confidence-building environment, and good arts.Thanks!

prettybird Sat 26-Oct-13 15:53:25

Have a think about Shawlands Academy. Despite a very diverse catchment it gets good results.

It does seem to encourage confident youngsters: one of its pupils ended up being an ambassoador for Glasgow's bid to hold the Youth Olympic Games in Glasgow unfortunately Buenos Aires won it , it does Duke of Edinburgh up to Gold Level, as well as things like the John Muir award in the earlier years.

Ds is in S2 and is being stretched in both English and Maths (he's in the top set for both - they are set from early in S1): in fact, in English he is currently mirroring what the S4s studying for National 5 are doing as his teacher thinks the class is capable of it (I have my concerns, even though English is my strong subject, as I also want to be sure that he learns to love English and if she pushes them too hard and too fast.... hmm).

It is also an SRU funded School of Rugby, which doesn't mean that you have to be good it, but those kids who are in the "Rugby Class" do extra rugby, fitness and nutrition and are supposed to be exposed to the discipline and values that form part of the rugby ethos.

Not sure what it is like for Arts - ds is not particulary arty or musical (to my chagrin) - but the facilities seem good. They do the same subjects in S2 ans they do in S1 (which includes blocks of Art, Music, Drama, Tech Drawing and Home Economics) and then begin to specialise in S3. Shawlands allows them to study for 7 National 5s (plus an extra "fun" interest such as PE or Drama that might just be taken to National 4) - which apparently not all schools are doing. Likewise, it is still allowing them to all 3 sciences for National 4/5.

Last year 20% of S5s got 5 or more Highers.

MintyMum1 Mon 27-Jan-14 18:44:11

Hi, in response to the original question – I have two daughters at Craigholme and had to post to say that we are delighted with this school. They are both in the secondary school now but both junior and senior school have been very positive experiences. Like you, we did lots of research into the independent schools in Glasgow as it’s such a big decision, but we were primarily attracted by the small class sizes. This aspect of the school has proved to be very beneficial as I feel that the teachers know them both inside out.
One of my girls was identified as being a very able learner at nursery and again in her primary school years and my other daughter has dyslexia and is generally less confident, however they are both challenged and supported exceptionally well and are achieving more than we could have dreamed. They are expected to work hard but we are happy that the school sets high expectations.
I think the school has done very well in their exam results this year – not sure of the ranking but I am sure it will be on the school’s website.
Lastly, sport was not something we particularly considered when choosing the school however both of my daughters are involved with a range of sports and considering the size of the school compared to others, the Craigholme teams seem to knock spots off the bigger schools.
Good luck with choosing the right school for your daughter!

missst Thu 26-Jun-14 01:26:59

i am stucked in between 2 schools. craigholme or fenhill? please share you experiences

Hollie2004 Sat 28-Jun-14 22:26:22

My child will go to Hutchy and we live in Baillieston. We spoke to the private school bus service provider they use and had been told they can't set a pick up point here but in Uddington.

Do you know if there is any other private school bus service providers who run in this area that go to Hutchy?

Much appreciated.

David1972 Mon 30-Jun-14 10:24:41

We are also thinking of sending our daughter to Craigholme. However, I have seen a number of negative posts regarding the school. If anyone can provide any information on why they might think Craigholme unsuitable I'd be very interested to know.

WentworthMillerMad Thu 10-Jul-14 15:44:23

Craigholme is an excellent school. Numbers did dip but they are on the up again. They have a new head teacher - Brendan farrelly who is an outstanding teacher and manager. I was lucky enough to work with him for 5 years. I live in g41 and many of my neighbours go to craigholme and are delighted with it. Good luck!

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