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OrangeSpider Sun 21-Apr-13 21:50:42

Hi all, just figured out how to start a thread! I know its not truly Glasgow but need advice as we're hoping to move to Bearsden/Milngavie in time to register my oldest for P1. I know all secondarys are v good and heard Mosshead and Bearsden primary are also good. How about Milngavie primaries? Any areas to avoid? We'd like to live near green space but a lot seems to be earmarked for future devlopment? Also preschools/private nurseries etc as I also have a 2 yr old. Many thanks!

Macieb Thu 23-May-13 08:10:41

Hi OrangeSpider

I was wondering what school you ended up going for? We just moved to the area (Milngavie Road past Asda and Kessington Hall - going in direction towards Canniesburn) and we registered DD at Craigdhu in Milngavie yesterday. I think all the primary schools are really good in the area but we visited a few and just had a really good feel about Craigdhu, although Killermont is closer and more modern, Craigdhu felt smaller and more personal and all the children we met while there were fantastic. Also we are interested in Douglas Academy as the High School for DD and DS when the time comes although I know a lot can change in that time.


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