COncern about my nursery - and advice about a new one!

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parentforosh Thu 04-Apr-13 20:45:07


I have a 26 month old boy who is currenlty at a nursery in the Westend. They have recently reported that his behaviour is disruptive and unruly and have told me that they can not change his nappies becuase he takes tantrums when they try (he apparently kicks them). Yesterday they left him in the same nappy all day!

We have never seen any evidence of this behaviour - infact he is one of the most reasonable toddlers we know and he always plays well with others when we are out. Obvisouly he does have tantrums etc but he is quite easy to distract with a toy or an activity and its certainly never got the stage with us that we have grown concerned.

He is also sent home a lot - 4 times in the last 4 weeks due to "illness" which has turned into nothing....

Any suggestions? I think its an issue with the experience of the staff in his room? They are quite new and quite junior but Im worried that he will learn bad behaviour if they cant handle him - AND that they may decide they dont like him and treat him poorly.

Anyway - Im looking to move him - any suggestions for a nursery in the westend?


NiceMiceEatRice Wed 10-Apr-13 12:27:45

There is a massive thread here already which I found helpful. I've recently done the rounds but all the ones I really liked acorn park, mulberry bush, head start waiting lists were silly. We have more time though so can wait it out. I hated skypark. Step by step have places and was okay but not for me. I'd be really interested in where you were.

My research also ruled out kelvin side kindergarten, derby street

McPinoTata Tue 30-Apr-13 20:16:38

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parentforosh Mon 05-Aug-13 08:50:12


Thanks for your input. We have removed our son from teh nurery and he has started at a child minders in the short term until he goes to a new nursery after Christmas. He is like a different child now and so his behaviour was definitely a symptom of something wrong at the nursery.

I am still struggling with the old nursery as they are chasing me for payment of a month's fees. We finally decided to withdraw him after the Nursery Manager told us he was unhappy and the staff were no longer willing to look after him (he started to bite - but only once a week at worst). I withdrew him but now they want payment even though I didnt feel I had any option!

I am going to report them to the Care Inspectorate. I will keep you posted.

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