anyone in the east end?

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ExForcesSweetheart Fri 22-Feb-13 15:52:07

Seems like everyone in here is either in the west end or south side. Surely there are other mn'ers out this way? I'm in Baillieston. Dds are 7 and almost 3.

cla2012 Mon 04-Mar-13 15:23:17

I noticed that too, hardly any eastenders!

I'm also in the east end, I live in Carntyne but my ds goes to nursery in Baillieston, he's just turned 1 year's been the fastest year of our lives!!

AdamantBea Wed 08-May-13 17:18:53

I live in Carntyne too. My DS is starting Carntyne Primary soon.

missbelle Sat 18-May-13 13:48:19

i also noticed the majority seemed to be from the westend, im in shettleston and was wondering if anyone could help me find out where the nearest brownie's group is for my two dd's or any other similar groups. thanks in advance!

AdamantBea Wed 22-May-13 18:01:33

There is a Brownie group in Carntyne church, if that's not too far for you. here

I'm really excited about Tollcross pool opening this week. I used to go there very often before it closed.

cla2012 Wed 18-Sep-13 20:36:23

Hi AdamantBea it'd be good to know what you think.of Carntyne Primary? I've got a while to think about it but it's always good to get other's experiences. Have you been to the new leisure centre yet...we took ds and the big shallow pool is lovely and warm!

nicolewilson Sun 22-Sep-13 09:55:29

Hi anyone in bailliestion looking to meat new freineds I run st bridgets baby and toddler group on tuesday and thursaday 9.30 till 11.30 only £2 a day am new to this web page

ExForcesSweetheart Sun 22-Sep-13 12:14:20

Ooh just seen all these responses! We should organise our own wee east end meet up. Where does decent coffee? X

nicolewilson Wed 02-Oct-13 16:35:18

I sent the mumsnet a email asking them if they wanted I would organise a east end thing but no reaply

cla2012 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:35:36

Costa...Starbucks...Thorntons...can you tell I love a nice coffee! Meet up would be good smile

RedHairedGirlie Wed 23-Oct-13 19:11:51

Hi, I am in the East End too and not really seen much activity over this way. I would love to get know others in the East End, just a pain being a SP and working full time and no onhand babysitters (DD 4.5 years) :-(

RedHairedGirlie Wed 23-Oct-13 19:13:59

Oops.. just re read my post and realised it might read I am on the look out for 'on hand babysitters'!!! Its been a long day and my brain is fried!! Just be nice to get to know more folk over in the East End..

cla2012 Wed 23-Oct-13 22:01:10

Hi RedHairedGirlie...I know the feeling, my ds is a terrible sleeper and I work full brain is fried too!

Where abouts in the east end are you? I'm in Carntyne...been here for 14 yrs but hardly know anyone...the joys of being out working.

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