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Mia0510 Wed 30-Jan-13 22:23:49

Hi all I have recently moved to kelvinside in the west end of Glasgow and can't find a good nursery for my two year old daughter that doesn't have huge waiting lists any suggestions as the travelling to and from her old nursery on top of having a full time job is really hard. Also does anyone know of any toddler groups or weekend dance classes in the area?

McPinoTata Tue 05-Feb-13 21:45:06

Hi. There are plenty of nurseries, surely not all you have to wait, see one post with great advice like 62 posts about nurseries at the west end.
About weekends, don't know any toddlers group, but there is this post, I'm planning to go soon. Check also Kelvingrove museum, they have nice toddler activities. There are nice parks too to go.

I just copied and pasted for you.

Hiya - I hope this is ok to post? I'm working at The Grosvenor Cafe on a Sunday afternoon between 1-4 offering some crafty activities for kids so that you can get a hot meal in relative peace! There is no charge for customers to participate and I try to have a few different things on the go at each session. As an example, last week I had playdough for the teeny boppers and for the older kids we had stained glass window hangers, bookmarks, calenders and thank you letters.

I had to use a different username for local chat for some reason, but I many of you will know me as blottedcopybook from the main boards or indeed from The Life Craft

Mia0510 Sun 10-Feb-13 14:16:23

Thanks v much this is helpfull

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