PARTY ideas/ for 4 year old girl- venues/ soft play/ entetainers- Please help !

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irnbrukid2 Wed 02-Jan-13 15:49:27

Hia ! Looking for some good ideas/ suuggestions for a 4 year old girl's birthday party this February. Anyone used any good venues/ soft play places or hired someone they could recommend ? Would really appreciate any advice/ recommendations etc .
Many thanks !

Vonstance Thu 03-Jan-13 16:13:33

Hey - I do children's crafty parties across Glasgow, I come to your venue (or home) and can facilitate all manner of parties.
For a 4 year old my most popular party is a Messy Play party (with paint, glue, glitter, playdough etc) but these are not popular for parties at home! I can also do pottery painting parties with a wide range of items for you to pick from?

Otherwise, where about in the city are you? I like the soft play at Xscape (Gambado) but I've heard other parents say it's too big for their liking. Sporty Kids at Thornliebank is good for afterschool parties but gets really busy at the weekend. Playsport soft play in East Kilbride is quite pricey and I didn't think the cafe was up to much, but my kids absolutely loved playing there.

I used to live in East Kilbride and you can hire the party package at the local sports centres for somewhere around £70 - you get an hour to play on the equipment (bouncy castle, trampoline, balls/bats etc) and an hour in a party room. Is that doable?

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