Waiting lists for Glasgow primary schools?

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Sarah12M Mon 03-Dec-12 21:48:12


We are expecting a baby early next year, and are currently looking for a larger flat; preferably not south side due to work locations.

Does anyone have any advice about how much weight we should give to primary school catchment areas at this stage?

We have been looking at Jordanhill, but the school said we should put the baby on the waiting list when it's born even if we're in their priority catchment area, to be sure of having a place there when (s)he is 5! Does anyone have any experience of whether it's really necessary to be on the waiting list from age 0?

Do other 'good' schools in Glasgow (e.g. West End, East Renfrewshire) also have waiting lists for people in their catchment areas, and if so when do you have to start thinking about putting your name down?

I'm also used to living in busy, noisy areas and I'm worried Jordanhill would be isolating for me at home with a small baby. Does anybody know if this is a reasonable worry?

Any advice would be much appreciated - thanks!

Lordofchaos Tue 04-Dec-12 11:14:30

Hi there. I went to Jordanhill School, primary and secondary. If you're wanting your baby to go to Jordanhill eventually, you definitely need to put his/her name on the waiting list from birth. The waiting list for the school is 3 times the size of the school capacity! It's definitely necessary to be on the waiting list from birth smile. I'm not sure if any other schools have waiting lists, I haven't heard of any. Oh, except Bearsden Primary in Bearsden (obvs).

I also grew up in Jordanhill and loved living there. My parents still live there. If you buy a house relatively near to Crow Road then you'll still be in the Jordanhill School catchment and also be able to get anywhere in the west end you need to relatively quickly if you need to use public transport. The sense of community in Jordanhill is quite strong and it's much more like a wee village than part of Glasgow. We had amazing neighbours growing up and I'm still friends with some of the people I knew from Jordanhill.

Hope this helps grin

Wabberjocky Tue 04-Dec-12 11:28:00

We are in the west end, Stacks to do with kids etc at weekends and two great parks on our doorstep. it does feel like a community.

We thought about jordanhill but v far out. And no guarantees of school place! Id say the only downside to west end is the schooling but there are choices.

If you are catholic, notre dame in dowanhill is excellent primary school. Then it forks into an excellent girls secondary but by all accounts, the boys is bad. I wont be sending my sons there.

Hillhead primary is newly built in kelvingrove park and from what I hear is really good although very very big. Also the academics at the uni seem to have started to send their kids there, so im assuming/praying that hillhead secondary might be much improved in 12 years time....currently it has a bad rep.

Finally, hyndland is a great school, both primary and secondary.

We have decided that we will need to leave the west end by the end of primary school.

Wabberjocky Tue 04-Dec-12 11:29:04

Hillhead and hyndland primaries get a lot of placement requests btw

MadameCumberbatchio Tue 04-Dec-12 23:07:56

Hello, East Renfrewshire it tends to run on catchment rather than placement requests. AFAIK, their names are automatically considered for the linked school when they start the catchment nurseries.

Sarah12M Wed 05-Dec-12 20:07:03

Thanks for your replies everyone! Now we just have to decide...

ayaanitu Mon 04-Feb-13 15:34:46

Hello, I have recently moved to Glasgow & my boy is going to P1 in a Glasgow city centre primary school. We are planning to move Jordanhill area. Is there any chance that he’ll get the admission in Jordanhill Primary school, let say in P2 or P3? Shall appreciate if you please share your experience or thoughts.

prettybird Tue 12-Mar-13 19:57:36

Jordanhill runs on different principles to all the other state schools: it is an anomoly that isn't part of Glasgow City Council's education department - hence it can talk about "waiting lists".

All the other state schools don't have waiting lists: you apply in the appropriate month (I think it's January before the August entry in Glasgow - but I think it's earlier than that in some other councils, eg Edinburgh) and if you're in catchment, you'll get in. If the school is over-subscribed with placing requests, then the sibling plaving requests are highest priority, after "cared for" kids.

scoobys Sat 16-Mar-13 18:36:23

Jordanhill is lovely and great family and community feel. V close to west end and city centre. train/bus/taxi etc. walk if you want! school- you do need to have them on list ve early. my son was under 1 when put name on list and we got a last minute place for P1 last yr. did not think we were going to get it. v good school though ....

Sharonann1234 Wed 30-Mar-16 16:22:49

Hi their, does anyone know what the catchment areas are for Jordan hill primary? Thanks

jwl123 Wed 06-Apr-16 15:17:13

Hi Sharonann1234, I think on the Jordanhill school website there are three lists and on those lists are the address of houses that are based on the catchment area for the Jordanhill's schools.

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