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Mamasmith12 Wed 14-Nov-12 11:15:58

Thanks so much for you reply. I'll definitely try out some of those! X

SomeDaysItRainsHere Wed 14-Nov-12 10:45:16

Hi, some groups we enjoyed (my LO is older, so it was a while ago) were:

Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Kindermusik at Baby 'n' You - Suzy is lovely and I'm still in touch with mums I met at baby massage a few years ago.

There are mums with babies at Beaconsfield Toddlers - we loved this - a really friendly group in a big airy & warm hall. There are other toddler groups that I haven't tried, e.g. Hyndland Community Hall in Novar Drive and one in the church on Observatory Road.

Mini Music Makers is lovely, with some cafés nearby.

There are new things on for babies at the refurbished Hillhead Sports Club which has a lovely café.

Bounce and Rhyme at all the libraries: Partick / Hillhead /Anderston

Ducklings Swimming Classes - we went to Scotstoun Leisure Centre, but I hear the newer pool at Maryhill is great - though I don't know if they do classes.

I've heard that Garscube Playrooms is fab.

There are loads of things on in various places, keep an eye on noticeboards in the libraries and the pick up local magazines/leaflets in the shops.

Welcome to the West End.

Mamasmith12 Fri 09-Nov-12 14:43:33

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions of any groups in the Hyndland area for my LO (she's 5 months) and me so we can make some friends. I'm a bit of a Glasgow newbie and would love to meet some mums in the west end. Thanks

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