Any Netherlee parents?

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Meikyo Tue 06-Nov-12 14:42:26

Hello, moving house this week into Netherlee and am trying to decide what to do about DD (age 9, P6) schooling. We will be very happy for her to go to Williamwood HS when the time comes, but unsure about whether to move her from current primary (15 mins drive away, sort of on my way to work) where she has good friends and appears to be doing well.

She has only been to the one school. I worry about her not making friends easily at High School but I also worry about disrupting her at the moment. She may not make new friends easily in P6 if all the children are already in established friendships in the new local primary.

I have also posted on Primary Ed thread but would like to get a more local perspective if possible. I have visited the new local primary (first visit, without DD) and was very impressed

Also, any recommendations for out of school clubs we may look into for her to meet new friends in Netherlee would be welcome. She already does dance and will continue. She is into Art and might like to try Drama.

Thanks in advance.

MadameCumberbatchio Wed 07-Nov-12 21:26:11

I'm in Clarkston so not far from you. There's drama classes at Eastwood (Helen O Grady)

It's a tough call but if she's happy I'd probably keep her at her current primary school. Although there are excellent schools in the area.

If she does some clubs activities locally, she'll get to know some familiar faces for when she goes to Williamwood. Not to mention the kids that might live on your street etc.

Would she be interested in Girl Guides or similar? Would be a great way to meet other people and give her a bit of variety!

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