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kashy Sun 23-Sep-12 17:15:05

Hello Can anyone help with my school dilemma I am looking for a primary school in Glasgow Southside which can excell a bright child?

Liv21 Tue 18-Dec-12 21:35:53

I would agree (speaking as one!), that most teachers in inner city schools are highly committed to doing our best for the kids we teach but sometimes we have to teach in situations where it is difficult for us to meet the need of every child in the class and unfortunately it's the clever and well behaved kids that tend to get 'left to it'. I assume Kashy's daughter is at Pollokshields Primary, which is a school with over 90% EAL (English as an additional language) pupils, and a high turnover of pupils coming into or leaving the school during the academic year. Some of the pupils who will join upper primary classes during the year will not have literacy in their mother tongue, let alone English, which means that the classroom teacher has to spend a huge amount of time supporting them to integrate into the class. Bilingual support services have been cut back in Glasgow, including the shameful loss of the Bilingual Support unit at Shawlands, meaning that all Glasgow schools are feeling the effects of having pupils go straight into classes with little or no English. There are also an increasing number of children with additional support needs. Teaching in this situation is difficult and rewarding and most of us love our job and do our best with it but would we put our own children in the schools we teach in knowing the problems they will face and the barriers that there will be to their learning simply by being in that class - no, we wouldn't.

Kashy, if I were you I would consider placing requesting my child to Langside (Glasgow) or to one of the Woodfarm feeders in East Ren (eg Braidbar, Giffnock or Thornliebank). Remember that a school can only refuse a placing request if to accept it would necessitate that they have to employ an extra teacher. As your daughter is already at school it is likely that she would be able to secure an upper school place in most schools, including those in East Ren - it is a myth that these schools are at capacity - that only applies for P1/S1. You would have to submit another p/r for secondary but your chances will be better if your daughter has attended a feeder.

Good luck!

Agatha30 Tue 30-Apr-13 11:24:26

Hi Girls,

I'm new here (I hope, it's not a problem smile). I write here becouse I've got a question about more very good/excellent PS in Glasgow/Renfrewshire area. We will be change of residental area and would like to choose good, quiet, safe environment for us and our child (could be expensive). Can you recommend more good PS? I will be really gratefull-thank you in advance.

Kenrob1000 Wed 09-Apr-14 22:56:27

Yea we all have that problem in Pollokshields. Pay the highest council tax and get the worst schools, unless we pay a fortune for Hutchie! It's a time bomb for us as ours has just turned 1.

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