Advice on primary schools in Cambuslang please please pleeeeeaaassseee!

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StaceP Mon 03-Sep-12 22:10:36

HI there
well I stay in cambuslang and have lived in the area and rutherglen since I was a child. We moved to cambuslang for a primar school. I have known friends who have worked at both schools you have mentioned and from their point of view Hallside would be the preferred. As long as you take an active roll in their learning im sure either school will be fine.

Best of luck


Tamashii Thu 23-Aug-12 09:29:57

DS will be starting primary school next year and I have realised I know NOTHING about enrolement, catchment areas etc. I think he is likely to be enroled at Cairns or Hallside Primary. I have heard all sorts of stories about school in this area as it is really mixed and lots of parents put in applications to other schools rather than going to the catchment one.

Anyway, I just would love to get some actual views on the schools in the area and also does anyone know what High School they then move onto?

We were supposed to be moving for the past few years before DS even started nursery but our house (like many others) has not sold so it looks like I will have to start the process of getting him enroled in primary school in case we are still here in August next year.

Thanks for any help with this. I will have to try and talk to some of the mums at nursery but people are quite cagey about the "which school?" topic as obviously it might sound like if they send their DCs to one school and another parent slates it they naturally get defensive so I am struggling.


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