Experiences of the Gaelic School Nursery?

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fountainpen Sat 17-Sep-11 19:25:45

Hi, have a wee DS and would love him to go to the Gaelic School Nursery, my dad's a speaker and I have .....being honest not much gaelic but would be up for learning again if DS went there. Anyway I was wondering if its hard to get into? We live in the area but will be moving soon (still Glasgow but not sure where yet). Also, what's it like? Sorry thats such a general question but I dont know anyone with kids there.

ScarlettCrossbones Sun 18-Sep-11 13:19:14

Move to Bishopbriggs and put him into Meadowburn nursery. Lovely suburb, views to the hills, big green area of playground, your DS can walk to nursery/school ... SGG is a wee bit of a concrete jungle, and I wasn't happy with the prospect of my DC sitting in rushhour traffic on the bus twice a day ... so we moved to Bishopbriggs! grin

The two Gaelic teachers at the nursery are lovely, kind, maternal middle-aged women ... DD is there at the moment and DS is in P2 at the Gaelic unit of the primary school (both on the same campus).

We have no Gaelic background, but I'm learning - plenty of support for parents. You'll be away and running if your DF is already a speaker!

FalachFead Wed 21-Sep-11 08:42:09

Hi Fountainpen,

I don't have any direct experience with this Gaidhlig nursery however I think that if you phoned up and asked for some information they would be very helpful. There are a few Mums on here with kids at the Glasgow Gaidhlig School and they've had varying experience. Are you in the Glasgow area? There are other nurseries, Lyoncross, East Kilbride and Meadowburn and I assume Condorrat...options a-plenty...worth a bit of research because its a BIG committment..even if you have Gaidhlig.

kirmcc Thu 22-Sep-11 17:37:52

Both my children went to this nursery and they both loved it and really couldn't fault it. my son just left nursery before the summer. However, I decided after my daughters experience at the school ( I took her out before christmas last year -she was in p3) that I wasn't going to put him into the school.

The kids in there are from all over glasgow, and the demand for places is high- only summer and easter (i think) intakes so ideally you need to have his name down when he is two to have a hope of getting a place for the term after he turns three.

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