Sash window refurbishment companies

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Jergens Thu 15-Sep-11 09:16:21

Does anyone have any experience using Victorain Sash Windows Ltd? They are an independent family-run company. Can't find any reviews online and would love to hear of any customer experiences. Or are there other companies you would recommend?

prettybird Thu 15-Sep-11 19:53:40

No idea - but if they're any good, do come back and report, as we're needing to do work on ours. grin

We did use a glazier/carpenter on Skirving Street to replace a couple of panes and repair broken weights, but that was over 12 years ago, god, have we been in this house that long?! - so I don't even know if they're still there and what they'd be like now.

Jergens Fri 16-Sep-11 06:56:36

It will be a few months before we get them done prettybird. The company has a bit of a waiting list. I'll report back from my (hopefully) cosy, draft-free home!

JennyPiccolo Tue 20-Sep-11 19:23:29

Woodwise on Queen Margaret Drive is pretty good, but again, i think they are very busy.

MrsCurly Tue 20-Sep-11 19:31:33

Another vote for Woodwise

JennyPiccolo Wed 21-Sep-11 00:12:31

Lovely guys as well!

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