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gilfillan74 Mon 15-Aug-11 20:38:26

Visited two nurseries today for my 3 year old, 1st one was step by step nursery i really liked the girl's there but the place didnt have alot of light and the place was quite messy, 2nd one was west end nursery great looking place we went in on a quiet day but didnt really get the enthusiasm as in the 1st and plus my son seemed to settle in the 2nd one better WHAT do i do? checked the care commission report and the 1st nursery seemed to excel HELP

michglas Mon 15-Aug-11 20:46:39

You need to go by the one you get a good vibe from and not what the reports say, go with your gut feeling. Years ago, we viewed a nursery up at Park Circus and the staff had the radio on and didn't really seem to interact with the children. We then viewed Small World Day Nursery in Cowcaddens and got such a good vibe from it and the staff really seemed to care about the kids. They didn't get the best report as the kids didn't get out much at that time, but they were taking steps to correct it. DD1 and then DD2 went there and they both loved it - the nursery had rectified getting the children out, and they both loved it. (don't consider it now though, as it has since changed management and parents don't seem to rate it as highly).

AllansMummy Mon 22-Aug-11 13:53:59

Yep go with your gut feeling gilfillan74. We go to Somerset Nursery at Parkgrove Terr and so far it's been great - my son loves it there and the staff are always attentive. This said there were a few things I did not like about them - like staff smoking on breaks (not when with babies/children of course) or frequeant accident reports - nothing serious but still a little worrying. Suppose no nursery is perfect, there will always be something you do not like or agree with - such is life and we have to choose between staying at home and working. If your son settled well in the 2nd nursery then stay with them and see how it goes - you can always go see more nurseries if you are not happy. Good luck!

letsgetloud Tue 23-Aug-11 13:21:07

Are you able to visit more nurseries? Are these two nurseries the only two you would consider?

Sorry if these are daft questions but sometimes you have to view quite a few before you find the right nursery for you and your child.

Good luck in your search/decision.

glasvegasmummy Wed 31-Aug-11 16:07:59

Step by Step in Maryhill is an excellent nursery as a Principal Teacher for a local school I have visited a number of times and worked with the staff on transitions to school. Their work is always of an extremely high quality and their interaction with the children is lovely. A messy room with equipment being used means lots of fun and happy activities plus it's better for the kids to do messy paintings, play with sand and soil etc when they're not in your living room!!! Lol! The children are also outside lots whenever I visit there which is always nice to see.

Choosing a nursery is a very personal thing though and you should make sure you're really happy before signing up to anything. If your baby was happy on your visit and you got a good feeling read through their latest SCSWIS reports to see if you agree with their observations. Visit again for a short while.

I would choose Step by Step for my own baby only the traffic from my direction would be a major issue. I am going with Little Stars in Govan.

LS99 Wed 07-Sep-11 20:41:25

Somerset nursery and kindergarten in Claimont Gardens G3 is brilliant.my 2 went there and loved every minute.it is just off the charring cross end of sauchiehall street. Great ethos great staff and great activities

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