what do we all think, in the light of Jamie going his dinger about it in America, about the fact that our kids get chocolate and strawberry milk in school?

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Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 13:49:34

i was a bit hmm about it, but, ya know, decision taken before dd arrived and all that, but i was a Bit Pissed Off to get a leaflet from Cordia instructing me on how to make a decent packed lunch for her, specifically saying that unflavoured, unsweetened semi-skimmed milk was what we should be putting in there...

MummyO3 Mon 11-Oct-10 16:19:36

i dont see any harm in it, i do get that its double standards and it annoys me that the chocolate milk stains, my sons school is now doing smoothies which i think is great but along with ice lollys etc which i dont agree with so he wont get money for them, 9/10 times i give my son a packed lunch and he loves it so i suppose if you dont want them having the milk then dont give me money to school

just my opinion x

prettybird Mon 11-Oct-10 16:39:15

I started a thread on AIBU on this as I was so angry at the hypocracy.

Ds' school is really pissed off too - they were forced to stop their "healthy" tuck shop (which was a good way to teach the P7 business principles) and now there's Cordia selling the same stuff and worse during the lunch hour - and also causing problems with ice lollies melting by the time they eat them - an issue when the dinner hall also doubles as the gym hall. angry

Plus it is apparently causing problems in the school as the "extras" are not covered by the free school lunches, so those kids are pressuirng their parents for extra money - and then being bullied by others to hand it over angry

I had already been pissed off by the Cordia leaflet telling us only to include low fat yoghurts in the packed lunches and not to include home baking - only to then find out that Cordia were now selling cakes and muffins. angry

.....and breeeeaaaaathe grin

CommanderCool Mon 11-Oct-10 16:47:00


we\ made the point to our primary that if you ask the kids, they will always go for choc, strawberry and not plain.

dd1 seems to be getting strawberry for the rest of her school career cos she chose it on her first day

it is a bit rich considerinf the patronising 'healthy lunchbox' leaflet and the constant banging on about teeth brushing.

after dd1's Eid party she told me she had eaten so jmany sweets she couldn't possibly eat another. which is unprecedented for dd1

[typing one handed as dd3 is being a limpit]

PacificWerewolf Mon 11-Oct-10 16:47:32

Oh, gawd, yes, the hypocracy angry; I don't like that they are offered flavoured, surgary milk either, but just cannot work up the nervous energy to get too het up about it. And keep telling myself that their main drink at home is water or semi-skimmed. And that they get a decent diet at home. And that they like fruit.

DH OTOH actually encourages the consumption of IrnBru just so he can have some as well angry. So if I start complaining about flavoured milk, I'll just look like loon in his eyes...

We've not had any annoying leaflets though (Lanarkshire), that would really piss me off!

CommanderCool Mon 11-Oct-10 16:53:42

the whole 'snack' thing drivres me up the wall:

"so-and-so gets crisps, cereal bar and a smoothie, why do i just get an apple?"

if cordia opened at dd's school she would want a double choc muffin every day hmm

prettybird Mon 11-Oct-10 17:02:35

It was the juxtaposition with the healthy lunch box leaflet that made me so angry

The school are pissed off as well: they had even been made to stop doing baking as a Golden Hour option becasue it "didn't fit with Glasgow healthy Eating policy" hmmangry

CommanderCool Mon 11-Oct-10 18:08:19

that is shocking, prettybird

Don't these people have any common sense?

glasjam Mon 11-Oct-10 18:16:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CommanderCool Mon 11-Oct-10 18:30:25

I would like less choice.

There are some lovely healthy options on the menu - chicken curry, lentil soups etc

but DD1 just takes a sandwich or a hot dog (she also loves the burgers and hot dogs) and it doesn't fill her up. They don't provide a proper pudding, just yoghurt or jelly. So some days lunch is a ham sandwich and a jelly. It's not enough.

I tell her to take the soup if she's getting a sandwich but she is nervous about spilling it everywhere!

When I was at primary there were 2-3 choices and if you didn't like it you had to eat it anyway (although the spam fritters actually made me puke)

Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 19:01:28

hoho glasjam i TOO phoned up the number on the back of the leaflet because it pissed me off so much and had an interesting conversation with someone from, oh i don't know... the council, cordia, who can say, in retrospect she didn't tell me, she just said that she was the person i needed to speak to.

now, it's safe to say that this woman and i didn't get on, i found her intensely rude actually and drew the conversation to a close when she started openly laughing at what i was saying...

however, she (helen, heather, something beginning with H) has said that she will, in response to my request as a council tax payer (of her bloody wages) go and find out whether when schools opt out of the pink and brown milk, there is a terrific drop off in uptake.

clearly the cooncil thinks it's important that they drink milk, which is fine, but i don't see why all kids are being treated like milk-avoiders. ah but they're not, quoth she, they are offered the choice of plain milk as well. why not just offer that alone and see what happens? because that would penalise those children who won't take unsweetened milk...

to which i replied 'i hardly think not having strawberry milk is a human rights issue' and that was when she and i became Not Friends.

can give you chap and verse later on phone should you wish, glas. or you can draw it out of me all evening on here while i should be working... grin

Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 19:04:16

oh and she 'certainly has not' been watching Jamie's show, he caused enough trouble for her with the last one, apparently. hmm

PacificWerewolf Mon 11-Oct-10 19:05:11

I am with Commander re less choice: if you give a child the choice between strawberry milk and milk-milk what are they going to chose?? Or ice-lolly and fresh fruit?? WTF?

I'd do well in a totalitarian society grin....

Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 19:06:52

oh yes me too. in fact i confess to also being a bit shock at the pizza and potato wedges option. yeah, i'm sure the peas and sweetcorn really get eaten that day...

Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 19:10:16

prettybird, sorry, are you saying that the school used to home-bake and now can't home-bake because of cordia's home-baking?

am narked by the tuck shop also <gets everything off chest> either those school dinners are nutritionally complete or not... poor dd is only in p1 and i've already had to say the immortal 'i don't care if X's mummy gives her 20p for an ice lolly, i'm not going to.' she doesn't even finish the entire meal as it is, why am i going to encourage her to leave more of it so she can make a dive for a scone?

Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 19:12:16

btw mummy03 the milk is free, that's why i'm saying. i can't really control whether she has it or not, it's there in a bucket waiting to be picked up. i do ask her to have plain mon-thurs, and she does that at the moment, but it won't last.

MummyO3 Mon 11-Oct-10 19:28:16

the milk is free
what is my son doing with his money lol, is it free even if they get packed lunch? confused i think thats shocking and totally wrong, im sending my son in with healthy lunches and they still give him crap to drink, and totally agree at how shocking this new tuck shop thing is , the comment made earlier about saying i dont care if x's mother, etc made me chuckle cause thats what i said to my son, i dont want him eating like that, dont get me wrong i dont mind the odd chippy and even rarer a mcdonalds but thats a once in a while treat he needs to earn, not every week day that he is at school and i agree about the play pieces too my son will say so and so got a mars bar can i have one, my response dont care what they got im your mummy your getting an apple, which then turns to please can i have a pear, so il say yes and he feels like he got a compramise lol, he loves pears haha, but its totally underminding us as parents, and as for paying for these extra items, how can i guarantee my son wont, not buy any lunch and just buy crap?
and with someone saying about parents being perstered for more money etc, what about people with kids that recieve benifets? that cant afford these extras that get hassled about money or feel like they are letting their children down, its wrong on so many different levels, i dont even watch the jamie show and its annoyed me

and to the origional poster

Great thread, one of the best and busiest threads i have seen since i joined lol x

thatsnotmymonster Mon 11-Oct-10 19:50:07

I'm west lothian and my son is p1. He told me today that he could choose chocolate milk with his lunch but he always chose the 'green' milk (semi-skinned) cos it's yummy. Had to bite my tongue before I told him the choc milk is yummy too grin though he knows choc milk is yummy and he's still choosing milk-milk.

I think the school dinners are great and luckily we don't get told what they can take for packed lunch or snack apart from no sweets or fizzy drinks. He gets a range of stuff from fruit and yogurt to crisps, chocolate, biscuits or home baking. Today for school lunch he had the option of italian chicken pasta or salmon bake and green beans- he chose the salmon and loved it.

I really hate being told what my children should eat anyway. I was angry when the nursery said the children couldn't have cake anymore when it was a birthday cos of healthy eating policy- ridiculous.

Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 19:56:26

that does sound nicer than ours, tbh. [envious of west lothian dinners] ours seems to offer something nice, something junky and something a bit weird every day (although dd reported 'belmont pie' -wtf? - very tasty). i should imagine the kids choose the junk, which is FINE, it's what kids do, and of course they are cunningly moderating the junk so that it is accompanied by veg, it's just that my gut feeling looking at it is that the veg will be left. who would honestly eat peas and sweetcorn accompanying pizza and potato wedges? corn on a cob, maybe, but peas?

Aitch Mon 11-Oct-10 20:02:39

lol jamie o webchat

glasjam Mon 11-Oct-10 22:56:07

Aitch - yes I get the feeling that I will be meeting with the woman you chatted to - interesting! I think I am going to have another meal at the school because I wasn't paying so much attention the first time cos it was P1 and I was more concerned about DS handling the money and carrying the tray without dropping it to be honest!

It's funny that Jamie Oliver is on for a webchat - shall we invite him up to Glasgow?!

I'm concerned about these "extras" that are being offered over the lunch session though. DS has been mentioning "extra" money for buying stuff like cakes and I thought it was for some sort of one-off fundraising thing but it would appear that it's actually a commercial enterprise (one that directly counters the healthy eating ethos) I think it's been foisted upon the schools who don't have a lot of choice in the matter. When I spoke to our Headmistress she said that school meals were entirely out of her control.

I think a bit of parent power might not go amiss smile

Aitch Tue 12-Oct-10 17:23:45

come on, other weegie mums, will we pester this woman some more? she already hates me... glasjam next week, who's up?

MummyO3 Tue 12-Oct-10 18:00:13

im more than happy to help

Aitch Tue 12-Oct-10 18:02:55

right, i'll give you the number when she gets back to me. (if)

prettybird Tue 12-Oct-10 18:04:04

I happen to know one of the senior managers at least partly responsible for all of this. I've already fallen out with her about the need for teachers to use the walls of schools to put up posters/kids' drawings/teaching materials (she thinks it is OK for the new builds to restrict teachers' "access" to the walls to a pin board and that if the parents and teachers want more, well, they can fund-raise and then they will be really helpful and put them up hmmhmm). I don't think our friendship could cope with another "attack".

(Her name doesn't begin with H! grin)

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