Giving Birth at Countess of Chester Hospital

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mrsdoyle2008 Sat 27-Feb-10 15:15:31

Hello, I am due on 10th July and will be giving birth at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Has anyone got any experience of giving birth there.

Having mild panic that i should get myself organised. Does anyone know of any antenatal swimming classes locally?

CwtchyMama Thu 08-Apr-10 08:23:04

Hi i think they do ante-natal swimming at the Northgate Arena.

I never gave birth at the CofC but my sil did,she was ok & from what she tells, the treatment she got was fine.

Congrats btw.

alisonwightman Mon 04-Jul-11 11:24:37

Hi, yeah I gave birth there in march. We had a long labour but the staff were fantastic. We had 3 different mid-wives but on every handover, everything went smooth. I was worried too as none of my local midwives could tell me anything about Chester as they had all worked out of Wrexham. They talk everything through with you and made me feel really safe. As it was my first child things didn't go to the plan i wanted, but they told me what they were doing and when.

Would recommend you take plenty to drink, and your birthing partner take food. You maybe there awhile. My husband went to Morrisons mid labour for his dinner.

Will defiantly have another child in Chester, I've heard bad things about Wrexham and was glad to get the choice.

Good luck not long now

Nicolaja Wed 03-Aug-11 17:43:23

Hi i havnt had a birth their, i know someone who has, and they had a good experience, staff were great and she has just had baby no: 3

stereomary Sat 06-Aug-11 23:30:16

I guess you've had your baby by now. Hope all went well. I had my first and second child at COCH, and it was fine. Aftercare wasn't great but staff were very busy. Had my third child at home.

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