Ballet Classes In/Around Dunfermline.

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ln1981 Wed 13-Jan-10 00:09:07

HI was just wondering if anyone knew of any good ballet/dance classes in the Dunfermline area? My dd is 4 and desperate to go to dance classes but not reallt sure where has them.

Thanks in advance.

suzi2 Sun 24-Jan-10 11:17:01 - based at Elgin industrial estate. My two (almost 3 and 4.5) go to their local class in Kelty and love it. I've started at the adult classes in Dunfermline too :-)

ln1981 Sat 30-Jan-10 23:10:33

Thanks for that suzi2. think i will check it out. my head will burst if i dont sort it out for her soon!

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