Activities for toddlers and mums in Fife??

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cham1903 Mon 09-Jan-12 16:20:59

i go to St Ninian's parent/ Carer and toddler group. they have babies from weeks old until school age. Very friendly. Tuesdays and Thursday 9.30-11.30 x

mf2011 Sat 24-Sep-11 10:13:19

Hi i have a 5mth old baby my next child is 10yrs so there's a bit of a gap, i am looking to meet people with young childen, babys have been to a few places by myself but feel like a spare part not knowing anyone. are there any mums in the glenrothes area who would have room for 1 more.

BillShackman Tue 16-Aug-11 12:54:15

The Strathkinness playgroup has been a really fantastic group for me and my daughter. Janet, the playgroup leader is great with the children. There are lots of creative activities, outdoor play, healthy snacks and an involved group of parents. And children over 2 1/2 can stay without a parent. I'd highly recommend it for anyone in the area. You can find us at

architien Sat 11-Dec-10 20:14:35

I'd be up for meeting up with other mums and toddlers too. I'm an incomer as they say too and it would be just lovely to meet folk in the same boat.

spook14 Thu 17-Jun-10 16:20:02

ooops just noticed the date on your post was a while ago so you'll be over here and settled now - the offer to meet up still stands!

spook14 Thu 17-Jun-10 16:18:52

There's quite a lot going on for toddlers in Fife, I have 2 year old twins so am gradually finding out whats on and signing up for things!
My 2 got to Doodle and Splat Art Classes ( have classes in Dunfermline, Dalgety Bay and Kirkcaldy. There are a number of other companies doing music/movement classes one I know is ( We also go to Parent & Toddlers - there are loads of these groups you'll have to hunt about for whats local to you. There are a good few soft play places - Bongos in Glenrothes ( Play PLanet in Dalgety Bay ( and Jumpin Jacks in Kirkcaldy are ones we go to, they often have toddler sessions at reduced rates. All the swimming pools seem to run things for wee ones too - parent/child swimming, tumble club etc.
Then of course there are all the lovely parks, lots of the play areas have been upgraded in the last few years. And the beach is great too - Pettycur/Aberdour are 2 of our favourites.
Fife is a great place to bring up kids! I meet up now and again with a few mums I've met online, you'd be more than welcome to join us, I'm sure between us we'll come up with plenty of other things to do!

tag2 Sun 12-Jul-09 19:17:09

I will be moving back to the Edinburgh / Fife area from the middle east in a couple of weeks and am wondering what there is to do with little kids in Fife. I have a 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son. We have had lots of opportunity to be sociable out here and have got used to being out and about a lot. Really don't want to end up frustrated and isolated so would love to hear how it is over there!

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