New Mnetter in Dunfermline!

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ruthmollymummy Sun 06-Jan-08 20:13:18

Hi, I've only just discovered this wee local bit which is rather exciting. I live in Steelend at the mo and have a 4mo dd. I'm also a total craft-a-holic although these days it's mainly scrapbooking that i do - highly addictive and v messy!
let me know if you're out there!x

suzi2 Sun 27-Jan-08 14:20:16

Hello! I stay just north of Dunfermline so not that far from you. I'm also a crafter though rarely get time these days.

ruthmollymummy Mon 28-Jan-08 14:43:34

Hi, suzi I didn't know whether to say hello on this thread or the other one! But I would def be up for a wee meet up one day. Next week is achingly open....hehe so if you wanna suggest a time and/or place that would give me something nice to do! x
here's my email address if thats easier molliemormon at hotmail dot com

suzi2 Sat 01-Mar-08 20:29:05

Sorry - only just spotted this. I forgot I posted on here! We've all had the cold in a bad way, think we're coming to the end of it just now...

I'm quite tied up next week and might have some work coming my way but I'll know for sure next Friday. Maybe if I'm not going to be working for a few weeks we could meet?

ruthmollymummy Mon 10-Mar-08 12:36:13

I forgot about the thread as well! Sounds great. I'm just sitting about on my bum these days so let me know if you get some time off. x

bakingabun Tue 25-Mar-08 22:34:31

Hi, I'm a local MNetter as well and just thought I would say hi. I'm in Kelty beside Suzi2 so not far from any of you.

bakingabun Tue 25-Mar-08 22:39:01

Having read all the other posts thought I would pop back in and say I'm also a mad crafter, anything from card making to toy knitting, lol. Always need to have the fingers moving. I'm in command of 4 dcs ranging from 15 to 10 weeks - aarrgghh - yes I'm a glutton for punishment grin.

yanny Tue 25-Mar-08 22:51:11

Hi thought I'd introduce myself here too! I'm in Rosyth and have 1 dd age 8

ruthmollymummy Thu 03-Apr-08 08:18:35

hello to you both, you'll see it's a bit slow moving here! but maybe a nice lunch or something could coax us all out of hiding!?

suzi2 Thu 10-Apr-08 21:11:52

Totally forgot about this thread AGAIN! I'm pants lol. Hello everyone. Bakingabun, there is another mumsnetter (that I know of) that's from Kelty too. I don't think i know anyone in Kelty with 4 children (yet) so don't think our paths have crossed...

ruthmollymummy Wed 23-Apr-08 12:54:51

Ok everyone! lets make things happen. my email address is molliemormon at hotmail dot com. and I am having a wee girlie bodyshop party on the 31st may. a face mask, maybe a makeover, some nibbles and a wee something to drink. Please email me - I'd love for you all to come!

Broodymomma Wed 25-Aug-10 20:28:57


Another Dunfermline Mum here - just noticed this thread is from a while back but hopefully my post will get it moving again.

I live in Duloch and have a ds age 3. I dont know that many people here so would love to meet some new faces through mn.

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