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TeaAndTunnocks Mon 03-Dec-12 22:32:09

You may have read something about the relaunch of the MN Local sites. Well, this is it. The Tech team have been working flat out to get everything looking so fantastic.

We have a shiny new Things To Do section, where you can add a listing of local activities and events.

On The High Street is the place to add local businesses - if you know someone in the area who might be interested, do let them know that they can add their company details to the Mumsnet Fife site, completely free of charge.

Those who offer services in the area can also add their details free of charge.

These businesses can be reviewed by local MNetters, giving recommendations to other parents in the area.

Meet ups in the local areas will be organised by Local Ambassadors -You would get your own page to put meet-up details on the Fife homepage and would just need to organise occasional get-togethers (preferably monthly) in your area.

We are working to organise discounts and freebies for our ambassadors with our advertisers (when this is up and running) and other local businesses and you would also get a MN card which you could use to negotiate your own special treats (ie free coffees for you at the venue you use for your meet up or free entry to a local attraction in return for a kind review on the site).

The FB page will be up and running soon, as will the Twitter account

TeaAndTunnocks Wed 05-Dec-12 15:00:48

If you are using the MN app, add your local site to My Topics so that you don't miss anything.

Anyone around today?

TeaAndTunnocks Sun 13-Jan-13 22:54:39

Hello again. Just to let you know the Facebook page is up and running.

We are still looking for local ambassadors, so if you are interested, get in touch.

TeaAndTunnocks Mon 14-Jan-13 16:52:49

If you can't get enough of Social Media we are up and running on Twitter

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