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Potts234 Thu 07-Jun-12 00:30:20

Hi, We moved to the area so don't know much about the reputations of local primary schools. Any advice on ones to avoid or good points would be very welcome. We're north Dunfermline, nearest are Townhill, Pittencrieff, Wellwood, McLean, St Margarets and Commercial.

Mum2Fergus Sat 23-Jun-12 09:09:31

Hi, Im the other side of town so unfortunately have no feedback, but wanted to welcome you to the area! smile

RGKY12 Tue 04-Sep-12 00:45:16

HI, it's probably too late if you were wanting advice before the school term started .... but we moved over from edinburgh, our son went to St. Margarets for 3 years (where the teacher tried to pin all kinds of 'labels' on him -
I'd say this school is only good if you are a very conformist, traditional, quiet kid who would sit still all day and never have any ideas or exciting questions). After this terribly upsetting experience we went round loads of schools to see if all schools were the same, and after interviewing the head at Townhill, we moved to Townhill deliberately for the school.
I cannot praise it enough - it's a very small (about 230 kids in total), friendly, well-managed school with small-ratio classes, the kids all seem really well integrated and encouraged to do their best (an old fashioned idea, but healthy competition is encouraged here - the school really excels at sport, music and scottish performance at outside events)....with the genuinely caring input of his excellent teachers, now our son has changed back into the happy boy he used to be before he went to St. Margarets.
Plus we're always impressed at concerts etc when the whole school joins in all the singing (even the tough / cool boys who wouldn't normally join in!) and they seem to genuinely love being at school.
Hope thats helpful, maybe for other mums out there too.
This is my first post on here!

KatieScarlettFife Tue 13-Nov-12 19:42:59

Both of mine went to Commercial.

Excellent school, both did well there.

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