Art classes for 10 years or over?

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sonorousb Fri 25-Feb-11 14:28:55

Hello there,
Does anyone out there have any info on a after school art class for kids aged 10 and over? Even ideas as to where to look for a possible class would be welcome. I have a 10 year old who want to broaden his artistic skills. Many thanks in advance :D

mdavza Sun 27-Mar-11 21:17:26

Hi there, my neighbour, who is German, is not a qualified art teacher, but she did it at school, and studied it at Uni in Edinburgh, and for the past year or so she has been teaching my nieces (now 8 and 10) once a week. They've been producing the most amazing paintings, crafts etc - presenting it at Christmas etc - and I could heartily reccommend her. We live in a village outside Dunfermline (don't want to post due to safety...) so send me a personal message if you are interested.
Cheers! M

SanPen65 Tue 17-May-11 23:28:02

hello m... i also wd be interested in my 11 year old daughter being taught Art, could i possibly get some information on your neighbour please thanx sandra

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