pre school dance classes in Stirling

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horseymum Tue 23-Mar-10 16:50:08

baby ballet is one i know a friend goes to, not sure where it is tho

haggismum Thu 26-Nov-09 12:47:46

Ive only heard of Stageworx and Monument and DD has attended both.Back at Monument now, found some a bit impersonal and moneygrabbing.Monument has satellite classes at other locations( eg Cambusbarron,Dunblane,Gargunnock) that are usually a bit smaller so maybe more informal.Hope that helps

gallusbesom Thu 24-Sep-09 16:47:14

Does anyone know of an? Preferably at weekends? I know about Monument and Stageworx but wanted something a bit less 'formal' for my 3 year old

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