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Rumpel Tue 11-Aug-09 21:31:38

Hi all - next meet up is in Kings Park Stirling 11.30am Thursday 20th August. If weather is poor then it will be in The Buzz in Falkirk instead.

Rumpel Thu 03-Sep-09 19:17:33

Next one is Wed 16th 11am at The Ceramic Experience stirling.

Rumpel Mon 19-Oct-09 20:44:04

Next one is Wednesday 28th October at Cadwinkles Falkirk at 10.30am.

Rumpel Fri 20-Nov-09 19:43:08

Wednesday 25th November - Sprinkerse View 1pm

PrammyMammy Sun 22-Nov-09 22:49:18

hey, where is springkerse?

Rumpel Wed 25-Nov-09 18:39:54

OMG sorry Prammy - didn't check this until today blush It is the retail park in Stirling - next to Morrisons, Homebase etc. The next meet is on Wednesday 16th December at 12.30 at The Buzz in Falkirk - maybe see you there?

Rumpel Fri 04-Dec-09 18:20:15

Next on is Wednesday 16th December at The Buzz softplay in Falkirk at 12.30.

gallusbesom Sun 06-Dec-09 07:54:59

Rumpel - do you know if Playzar in Falkirk has closed down now? ta much

Also, any chance of a weekend meet up [sad full time worker emoticon]

Rumpel Mon 14-Dec-09 20:08:46

Hi yeah I heard that Playzar had closed down - not surprised TBH the guy's an ignorant sod!

I did weekend meets now and again but havn't done one for ages. I'll look at it in the NY and try to organize one. I don't get a chance to check this local out much - as you can see it isn't very busy. Not trying to poach you or anything but check out netmums for our local area - much busier local thread there smile.

PrammyMammy Wed 17-Mar-10 17:37:49

Last time i went to Playzar the ceiling was covered in mould and the place was stinking of damp. So i guess they had to close to sort that out. We went down a few weeks back and it was shut. Think Cadwinkles is being bought over.

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