Stirlin Royal or St John's? This is the question!!! Help!

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GioLML Fri 12-Jun-09 14:57:05

hi there,

I am currently sheduled (???) to give birth at I am new to the area, I've never given it much thought...but I have read some dreadful reviews about the facilities and staff at from St John's are mainly ok/gd...

I suppose Im looking either for reassurance or for confirmation of my suspicions...

What are your views/experiences of either hospital?

Rumpel Sun 14-Jun-09 20:07:45

I gave birth at SRI with my second. I have to say the staff were lovely and di their very best under mad busy conditions. I didn't have agreat time but the staff I had (and there were a few) were all really friendly, supportive and much better than the staff I endured with DD! Okay the hospital is minging but just make sure you take plastic shoes for showers and lots of hand gel etc.

cazzyg Tue 16-Jun-09 15:53:26

I gave birth to my daughter at SRI in November. The hospital is nearing the end of its life and to be honest, it does show in the decor and the state of repair.

However, both myself and my little girl required emergency treatment and I have to say, the level of care that we received was fab. The staff were so caring and helpful in the delivery suite, post-natal ward and NNICU. I would happily have another baby there.

I too was concerned before she was born as I had heard negative stories, but like anything, I think people tend to complain more than praise. One other positive is that they provide nappies, cotton wool etc for the baby so you have less to pack.

I have no direct experience of St Johns so can't coment. However it's worth bearing in mind that the road to Livingston from some towns in the Forth Valley area isn't great - especially if you are due in Winter as I was.



MinaLoy Fri 26-Jun-09 20:08:19

My twins were born prematurely at SRI and my experience was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Sure the building is a bit shabby but the staff are amazing and that's the bit that matters, isn't it? Good luck wherever you decide to go.

GioLML Sat 27-Jun-09 14:31:46

cheers for that! getting a lot more good feedback than bad larely...

mibbes Sat 27-Jun-09 20:53:39

I had DS in SRI in Dec and would agree with all of the comments below - the hospital itself is a bit tired but it is clean and the staff are lovely. All 3 midwives I had were brilliant. I ended up with a EMCS and everyone in theatre was absolutely lovely. In the ward afterwards the vast majority of staff were fantastic and so helpful - there is no doubt they are super busy but they are also extremely helpful. Some of my NCT friends went to St Johns and have given mixed reports - e.g. one was told not to come in as the labour ward was full - she has to wait for several hours in agony as she was quite far on shock. I guess you'll get mixed reports from every hospital but don't dismiss SRI, the level of care was excellent.

GioLML Mon 29-Jun-09 15:23:52

Many thanks,...appreciate it!

mcflumpy Sat 18-Jul-09 17:49:31

Hope I'm not too late! Gave birth in SRI June this year, and had really positive experience. Staff were great in the main, you always get the occassional auxilliary who thinks she should be doing a more important job, but in the main I found the midwife staff especially to be extremely helpful and nothing was ever too much trouble. Hospital is tired, showers are awful
food poor so make sure someone brings you something edible!

Best of luck.

PrammyMammy Sun 22-Nov-09 23:06:55

I have given birth at SRI twice. First time round when i called triage they told me not to come in as my contractions weren't close enough together, but they were every 2 minutes so my dad made me go in, they told me i wasn't in labour, without checking me over, saying that i would have hours to go and i was to go back home, to Falkirk, and have a bath, so as i stood to leave my waters broke and i couldn't help but push, my ds was born 20 minutes later. The staff were quite rude imo, and threatned to call the police on my dp who was only telling them that i was in pain and he didn't want to take me home. I gave birth at 10.57pm and they sent me home the next day at lunchtime, so i guess they were busy.

Second time i woke up having contractions every 8 mnutes or so, so i called and explained my labour was quick last time round and they told me to come in straight away. They checked me as soon as i arrived and i was 7cm with no waters (don't know when they broke) Staff were very kind, my midwife was amazing and so funny. Ds was born half an hour later. 2nd time round was like the complete oposite. I wasn't rushed around. MW spend time with me and i wasn't send home 14 hours later. DD wouldn't feed though and they made me give her formula or she was going to need drip fed, but that wasn't anyones fault.

ja9 Sun 22-Nov-09 23:17:01

good experience of sri too. had ds there. dd born at home. both time MWs where fab.

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