Big In Falkirk this weekend

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MinaLoy Thu 30-Apr-09 09:13:22

I posted this link on another thread but I reckon it needs a thread of its own...the tenth anniversary of this free music/art/street theatre festival is happening this weekend in Falkirk - and the sun is going to shine!

Stefka Thu 30-Apr-09 21:33:55

We'll be there - my husband is in a band which is playing on the Sunday!

MinaLoy Sat 02-May-09 08:25:29

Hello Stefka! We've been missing you! What's the name of your hubby's band?

Stefka Sat 02-May-09 13:38:04

Moya. They are on at half six in the fringe tent.

How are the girls?

gibbberish Sat 02-May-09 13:39:09

We're going tomorrow smile Is there much for children around 8yo to do?

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