Any Stirling Mummies out there?

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Rumpel Thu 05-Feb-09 15:03:52

Hi everyone,

I moved to Stirling a year and a half ago and am Mum to a 2yrs 4 month DD and a 6 month DS. I am just starting to get out and about now due to feeling hellish when pregnant and finishing a degree at the same time.

I have just become Chairmum for another Mummy website and am now organising meet-ups in the local area for Mummies and Mummies to be if any of you are interested. I would also love to hear from you about places in the local area where we could meet - we've been to Cadwinkles, Bearhart castle, Webspinners (which is closed until the end of this month for refurbishment)- still looking for more places though.

I've been a MN member for 2 and half years now - only just found out about the local page though blush

saraloui Mon 09-Feb-09 08:45:43

Hi - I have a 2yrs exactly DS and a 6 month DD, I only moved to Scotland in May (I'm in Falkirk) and I would be interested in coming to a meet-up.

Rumpel Tue 10-Feb-09 17:18:12

Hi saraloui - our next meet-up is on the 23rd Feb at the ceramic experience on Drip Road

if you fancy it? No idea how many or who will turn up.

Rumpel Tue 10-Feb-09 17:18:52

Time is 1.30 ish.

saraloui Fri 13-Feb-09 09:22:31

Sounds good I'll come if I can, maybe see you there.

Rumpel Sat 07-Mar-09 18:28:21

Hiya just to let you know our next meet-up is 31st March 1.30 at the Springkerse View - used to be Webspinners and Hungry Horse.

stirlingstar Thu 12-Mar-09 21:26:13

Hi Rumpel. We've also been in Stirling for a year and a half, with a 2yr and a 2 month baby.

I'll try and make the 31st March meet up. Assume that's somewhere on the Springkerse estate? How does it work - are you there with a MN flag, or wearing a pink carnation or something?!

Rumpel Mon 16-Mar-09 21:41:44

Hi Stirlingstar - I've got a pink fringe {grin} Remember it's netmums not Mumsnet I am chairmummy thingy for - doesn't matter really it's all about people getting out to meet each other.
You go past Morrisons at Sprinkerse, at the roundabout where you can turn right to Alloa you turn left - it is right beside the Holiday Express Inn and the same road as the Forthbank Stadium.

Hope to see you then. If you are interested I was at the babypics at Stirling Uni, McRobert last Friday. I booked DD into the Treehouse creche and took bubba in to see Valkyrie. Myself and another NM booked Fri 3rd April to see Monsters vs Aliens - you can take your 2 year old in as it is a U certificate. Starts as 10.30am - go a bit earlier though as you need to fill in a form. You can book a buugy space or leave the buggy in a specific area and we had lunch/blether afterwards smile Was fab!

See you soon.

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