Good hairdresser?

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Stefka Sat 24-Jan-09 22:20:37

I badly need my hair cut but don't know a good hairdresser in Falkirk. I have had my hair cut twice in Falkirk and both times it was awful. I am kind of nervous to try here again and have been going through to Edinburgh to get it done but that is a total pain now I have DS. I need someone who is confident with cutting curly hair. Most hairdressers don't like curly hair and just want to put severe layers in it which makes me look like poochy (poodle dog toy with pink ears if you remember!). If anyone has any suggetions let me know!

MinaLoy Sun 25-Jan-09 15:28:56

Hello Stefka! I need a haircut too, so this is of interest to me...I do believe that Couper and Co are very good. They have won loads of Loreal awards (I know because I read the Falkirk Herald and they're always celebrating their prizes!) I've never been because they look expensive... But my child-minder, who is very glamorous, recommends them.

My sister has curly hair too and she doesn't trust ANYONE. Oh, and, if Couper and Co do turn out to be madly expensive, I have a feeling that there is a hairdresser at a smaller salon called Beautilicious, who trained at Couper and Co so she's supposed to be good. Can't remember who told me that...

Anyway see you on Wed at Storytime.

Stefka Mon 26-Jan-09 17:45:08

Thank you! Went there today and left happy which is more than I can say for the last hair cut I had! It was cheaper than the last cut I had too Didn't make me glamorous though sadly.

MinaLoy Tue 27-Jan-09 21:37:58

Yay! looking forward to seeing the new hair! Anyone else up for Storytime tomorrow? Falkirk Library 10.30am

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