any pre natal classes stirling falkirk?

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highrise Wed 24-Dec-08 19:54:21

Hi I'm newly pregnant (13 weeks +2) had our scan today which was great.

I'm looking for some local pre natal yoga or swimming classes.
Anyone any idea where I can find out any information?
I live near Stirling but could drive to Falkirk area if time permits.

Thanks in advance, and Happy Christmas to all.

mibbes Sun 28-Dec-08 16:12:31

There used to be aquanatal classes but all seem to either be during the day or have been cancelled sad. Right at the end of my PG I found an aquanatal class in Cumbernauld on Tue nights - was a bit haphazard but was better than nothing. I have also heard that there is a pre & post natal yoga class that runs in Grangemouth, Brightons and Mariner centre. Other than that I'm afraid that there is a real lack of exercise opportunities for pregnant ladies in this area.

oh and congrats !

highrise Tue 30-Dec-08 15:21:43

Thanks mibbles, I'm really struggling to find anything in the stirling area which I'm really disappointed about.
The Mariner do offer them but at lunchtime which is no use to any normal working ladies.

I'll continue to search and will post if I find anything.

conkertree Wed 07-Jan-09 16:26:54

hi highrise - found anything yet? i have been looking too and the cumbernauld one is all i could find too but its a tuesday evening and dh is out at work then, so i have to be in for ds.

maybe once i start maternity leave i could do a few of the day time classes - but seems a bit pointless if its only at the end of pregnancy.

sure there is a fair demand for aquanatal so i wonder why so few places do it. maybe we should bombard some of the swimming pools/council with emails.

highrise Sat 10-Jan-09 16:04:00

Hi Conker...No nothing yet. Found a yoga class at forthbank leisure centre, but not pre natal specific although tutor said she's had pregnant ladies attend before, they start tomorrow at 11am. If my sickness isn't too bad, I may go along.

I also contact Stirling Uni sports centre who said they have recently become aware of the lack of classes in the area due to many recent request but don't have anything on the agenda yet.

I don't usually get home from work til 6.30-7, so the thought of having to go back out to cumbernauld doesn't fill me with joy. I'll just continue to go for a swim and hope something turns up...

How far along are you?

conkertree Sun 11-Jan-09 21:05:34

I'm 25 weeks just now, but planning to start maternity leave a bit earlier than normal (probably about 32 weeks) as the firm I work for is suffering a wee bit with the whole credit crunch thing and considering redundancies, so would rather go early and help thing a wee bit, so might be able to go to the Falkirk classes after that.

I suppose any exercise is better than none but would have been good to have been going to a class right the way through.

Stirling you'd think would be big enough to jutify an evening antenatal class. just seems odd to me that there isnt one.

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