Any other pregnant ladies out there ?...

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mibbes Fri 01-Aug-08 19:51:41

Are there any pregnant ladies from the Falkirk area out there ? I am due DC1 in Dec 08, I live in Larbert and would love to chat to other mums/mums-to-be in the area.
Am looking for classes for pregnancy exercise that don't run during the day when I'm at work - aquanatal, yoga, anything really ! Anyone know of any ?
Also keen to hear about NCT classes locally - are they worth it ?
Anybody out there...?

horseymum Wed 19-Nov-08 14:39:44

also you can apply for a booklet of vouchers for free swimming etc from council.

mibbes Wed 19-Nov-08 22:21:41

horseymum thanks so much for the advice, top tip about Larbert High school pool smile. I spotted those vouchers last week - I will definitely be applying for them when baby arrives.

cazzyg Fri 21-Nov-08 15:43:56


Charlotte Catherine was a little early. She was born on the 13th weighing 6lbs 9oz. I ended up having an emergency c section because of pre ecalmpsia. Charlotte also spent a few days in neonatal intensive care because she was a little early and had some lung problems.

We're both home now and doing fine. Breastfeeding is going great. The midwife who ran the workshop the other week was involved with my care in SRI and was great. In fact all the staff were. Despite the two of having a bit of a tough time, I can't speak highly enough of the level of care we got from everyone - in Maternity and Neonatal.


mibbes Fri 21-Nov-08 19:51:50

OMG cazzyg another early arrival - congratulations grin ! Am so envy of you two with your wee babies - I bet I'm still here in 4 weeks going slowly mad and ready to explode ! Mind you I should be grateful all looks healthy - had MW today and all is well and head 1/5 engaged so at least it is heading in the right direction grin. Am so glad that BF is working out well for you, keep us posted with how you both are smile.

Joj26 Wed 26-Nov-08 15:35:08

Ok, taken me a while to get back on here. Had Freya Helen Catherine on the 5th, weighing in at a hefty 5lb 1oz! 3 and a half weeks early so she is 3 weeks old today. Ended up with emergency c section after labour being augmented due to pre-eclampsia also. As a result we had to stay in hospital for a week after while they monitored my blood pressure and Freya's jaundice. Both doing well now though.

Contrary to other info I have read or heard I also cannot fault the care provided in the SRI, particularly with help towards breast-feeding. The staff were brilliant and really helpful, so patient and willing to help.

We have now been home 2 weeks with DH on paternity leave but this is our first week on my own - getting cabin fever though as cannot drive for another 3 weeks. BF going ok so far, going to go to the BF clinic on Tues next week - did turn up on Mon to be told the day had changed.

mibbes Sun 07-Dec-08 22:54:05

My baby is here too ! I had my wee boy Evan last Wednesday 3rd Dec (3 days early). I also ended up with an emergency c-section after being induced as some of my waters had broken on the Sunday. During labour baby got distressed and heartbeat plummeted so they whipped him out via section. I also agree with the level of care at SRI, they were fantastic, so friendly and helpful. They really put a lot of effort in with us to establish BF, however we did not master the latch so I eventually had to put him onto the bottle as was worried he was not getting enough to eat (they had already started topping him up with formula via syringe). I managed to hand express some colostrum so he at least got a wee bit and am now expressing enough for 2-3 feeds a day. Other than BF, all is going very well, am loving my new life as a mummy grin

cazzyg Mon 08-Dec-08 10:37:01

Congratulations Mibbles, glad all is well now. How are you recovering from the section? I'm starting to have cabin fever - didn't realise how much I depend on the car until now. Evan is a fab name.

We're doing fine - managing to get some sleep, but I have to tackle Charlotte's nails at some time today and I'm dreading it. Has to be done though - can't find scratch mitts to fit her tiny hands and she's managing to scratch her face quite badly.

mibbes Mon 08-Dec-08 23:32:43

cazzyg why don't we meet somewhere we can walk to and get you out of the house !?...

How far are you from Larbert/Stenhousemuir ? I walked with DP to the new asda today and had a wee pit stop ay subway for coffee and cookies ;-) Great to get out of the house.

Good luck with the nails ! We gave Evan his first bath at home tonight and he loved it - phewey ! he hated it in hospital.

Joj26 Thu 11-Dec-08 19:13:39

Glad to hear you and Evan are getting on well and you are so lucky he loves his bath. Freya still screams her head off anytime I remove clothing. When staying at my Mum's this week she came running through in the middle of hte night thinking I was killing her only to find she was just getting her nappy changed.

Cazzyg, I braved doing Freya's nails eventually and would recommend making sure she is completely out of it and lots of daylight. First attempt worked well, second one I got cocky and the light wasn't great, I nipped the top of her finger and she woke up screaming, had to feed her to settle her blush

I know what you mean about cabin fever, I have now started driving as I checked with the insurers and they said I didn't have to wait until 6 weeks, as long as the doctors said it was ok. It has made such a difference and I feel ok doing it. I still get a bit tired if I am out too long but think that is mainly the walking about bit.

Freya has been a bit cranky this week, think she has a cold - lots of puke and not settling after feeds and the most difficult bit is that she doesn't like being put down so am having to carry her everywhere. Slight improvement today so hopefully that is the turning point. hmm

I went to the Breastfeeding support group this week but as all the other mum's had older kids - majority over 6 months - it just gave me an awakening of all the problems I have to come. It is on next week but then not again till Jan 13th.

mibbes Thu 11-Dec-08 20:22:34

Hey Joj, good ot hear your update smile.

I have the HV on Tue next week so can't go to BF class. She asked if I wanted to go even though am feeding expressed BM (I assumed I'd be barred for daring to use a bottle!) and that I could get help with establishing BF, pity I can't go until mid Jan though. The wee man managed not to scream at my breats last night and tried to latch on - I nearly hit the roof it was so sore - nipples are shot to pieces from expressing shock, not sure I'll try again for a while.

Recovering well, have been out and about all day today so a bit tired now but generally feeling pretty good - can't wait to get back to driving - aaages to go for me ! Joj I'll gove you a shout next week and we can arrange a day for Evan and Freya to meet wink, look forward to catching up.

cazzyg Fri 12-Dec-08 17:10:33

What time is the breastfeeding group? I was thinking about going along next week.

I'm in New Carron - 5 minutes from the Co-op. The highlight of my day at the moment is a walk along there and back again!!! I'm not sure if there is somewhere mid way which would be suitable to meet up. I have a lift organised for Tuesday to get to Stenhousemuir, but that's not going to work if you have the HV.

Being able to drive would make such a difference - I'll give the insurance company a call and see what they say.

I was the same the first few times I fed Charlotte. I'd been expressing madly while she was in intensive care so my nipples were pretty sore. It got much easier once we got feeding established - the sucking action isn't quite as aggressive as the pump wink

She's also the same as Freya - doesn't seem to like being put down and will only go to sleep if she's being held. Last night was interesting.

mibbes Mon 15-Dec-08 09:22:31

Oh dear cazzyg sorry to hear you are having unsettled nights. We have been very lucky in that Evan sleeps through the night and ojnly wakes for 1 feed smile. he has now mastered the latch so am BFing - hurray ! Makes life harder as don't know how much he is getting and the feeds take longer and can be more frequent but am so glad it is working out at last smile

What time will you be in Stenhousemuir on Tue ? I think HV is 3.30pm. Do you know when you can drive again ? It must be a nightmare being stuck in the house, which I am about to find out as DP back to work today.

cazzyg Mon 15-Dec-08 14:38:54

That's great news smile. So is this your first day home alone?

We seem to get one good night and then one bad night where she doesn't seem to want to be put down. We had a great night on Saturday so last night wasn't great.

I'm going to the breastfeeding gp which is at 1.30, I think but could be there earlier if you fancy getting out of the house and meeting up for a coffee?

mibbes Mon 15-Dec-08 20:41:50

cazzyg ok how about meeting at 12.30 for coffee somewhere ? The only place I can think of is subway - is there anywhere else ? There is a coffee shop at the end of my street (opposite Larbert train station) but it is a bit of a walk from Stenhousemuir clinic which is where I assume you are headed ? Let me know what suits you and we'll try to get organised and out to meet you.

Joj if you're free do you fancy meeting too ? If not I'll see you Wed anyway wink

mibbes Mon 15-Dec-08 20:44:46

Oh and yes it was my first day home alone today. typically he was quite unsettled and am concerned he has a sore tummy as he has had some well dodgy noises coming form the nappy dept and some 'explosive' episodes. He is quite white too hmm. I reckon I may have eaten someting that has affected his tummy. Obviously if he is not better by tomorrow I can't meet up but am hoping it is nothing and he'll be fine.

cazzyg Tue 16-Dec-08 10:44:51

Subway is fine - I don't know Stenhousemuir apart from the health centre and Asda.

WE have plenty of explosive episodes too!

mibbes Tue 16-Dec-08 11:06:21

OK he seems fine today so see you at subway at 12.30 then. I'll have to work out how to use the waterproof cover for the pram !

cazzyg Tue 16-Dec-08 11:18:05

see you then

lingobaby Tue 30-Dec-08 00:28:29


Sorry to interrupt your thread - just wanted to congratulate you all on your brand new bundles! I'm Fiona, I run lingobaby in Larbert library and I posted on here a few months ago after a couple of you were looking for info. Anyway, just wanted to say that my wee boy, Ruairi was born 3rd Dec last year mibbes, so it's a clearly a good day to have a birthday!

Thinking back to last year to give you some ideas of things you could do, soft play areas are free for babies and you can take very little ones - in Cadwinkles just off Grahams Road for example, there is a nice area for babies with squashy mats, toys and mirrors. Also lovely cakes and coffees for you!

I found when Ruairi was very tiny he sometimes found it difficult to settle if a room was too quiet (sounds mad but I guess he'd just spent 9 months in a noisyish place) so I found turning a hairdryer on often worked wonders...

Enjoy your new bundles of fun!


mibbes Thu 08-Jan-09 18:37:00

lingobaby thanks so much for popping in and sharing your toptips grin.

I was at the library this week and saw no mention of your baby French classes - are they not advertised ? I'd be looking to start the wee man in summer.

lingobaby Thu 08-Jan-09 21:23:55

You are welcome, hope you are enjoying motherhood!

I'm not able to advertise within the library (charity events only) but the classes are going really well and I have a journalist from the Glasgow Herald coming next week... eek!

My email is if you'd like more info (in fact did you email me before? Brain not in gear at the moment!)

A plus,

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