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kag2007 Wed 26-Sep-07 20:56:07

Hi There,

New to the site but joined because we are moving to Linlithgow in November and I am trying to find out more about the area etc. I currently live in glasgow with DH and my wee man Archie who is almost 5 months. If anyone knows linlithgow area I am really keen to find out more about whats on for me and baby. I have already visited 2 of the local nurseries but any infomation or recommendations about nursery places would be great as I am back to work in spring next year so need to get something sorted asap.

Kag x

my2weegirls Tue 02-Oct-07 14:12:51

hello - linlithgow is a lovely place, nice cafe's/walks (there's a nice walk along the canal heading to edinburgh to the park bistro where you get nice food and it's child friendly) etc. i live about 5 miles from linlithgow but visit often (DD1 loves trains so we often get the train there and back). i don't know much about groups there but if you can drive there's lots to do - beecraigs park, muiravonside country park (walks, small animal farm, park, cafe) various softplay - cheeky monkeys at grangemouth sports centre, tumblezone in livingston, cadwinkles in falkirk.

sorry i can't really advise on nursery places there other than having a look at the carecommissions reports (which you can get online).

hope this helps a wee bit...

bogwobbit Sun 14-Oct-07 11:21:14

Hi Kat,

I only just noticed your message - don't get on mumsnet as much as I would like these days
Linlithgow is a great place to live for young families. I live in Polmont which is about 3/4 miles away but ds and dh both play football there so we visit pretty regularly. Also my brother and his family live there.
My2weegirls has already mentiponed lots of things to do. There is a sports centre, which we go to quite regularly and has a nice enough pool which is good for little children. We often go at teatime on Saturday just before it closes (dh plays football then) and it is very quiet usually.
Don't know much about nurseries but my two nieces both went to one in the High Street (near the Royal Bank - I can't for the life of me remember the name now blush) and they were both very happy there.
If you have any specific questions about anything, just ask.
I'm sure you'll be very happy in Linlithgow.

MinaLoy Tue 03-Mar-09 21:43:51

Hello, we live fairly close and visit from time to time. I have no nursery info I'm afraid...

The aforementioned pool is very good, and there is a newish Soft Play called PlayBugs, which has very good friendly staff! One of the country's best specialist children's bookshops is in Linlithgow; it's called Blast Off Books.

And thumbs up to Beecraigs!

plainchocolate Wed 11-Mar-09 22:24:48

Just thought I'd say 'Hi' as we moved to Linlithgow from Glasgow just a little while before you and Alice who has just turned two is just a little older than Archie. I've just joined MumsNet today! Alice is really loving First Adventures Nursery after waiting a year on the waiting list and slumming it at my work's nursery miles away. Archie may even be there now? I hope you are settled in here and Archie and you have managed to avoid developing Swan phobia when trying to feed the ducks at the loch! I know there are lots of Mother and Toddler groups about though can't advise what they're like as I was back in *FT work* (sad but house prices here!) before we moved and I haven't persuaded my self-employed partner to go along and meet people for me!!! PlayBugs is really Fab too and I think the cappucinos and cake they serve are pretty scrum smile I am not sure about the etiquette re suggesting meet up or if OK post this thread but...if you ever free at weekends I'm up for meeting more Mum's with similar aged toddler(s) in Linlithgow

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