Hey Falkirks Mums!! Is there anyone else out there?

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Just a quick (and long overdue) intro as the Falkirk Tsarina!

Hopefully we'll get more going on in our area!

Stefka Thu 12-Feb-09 21:51:13

My husband used to think that too until he had to do a couple of days at home himself!

saraloui Wed 11-Feb-09 11:54:25

Will try and get there next week, missed today as bad moods and colds still running rampant - the joy of kids! My husband thinks I spend all day playing and relaxing hmm

MinaLoy Mon 09-Feb-09 16:37:26

Hmmm, we've caught the bad moods too I think. Yes storytime is every Wednesday at 10.30, with colouring-in after the stories. See you there maybe?

saraloui Mon 09-Feb-09 08:31:14

Hello everyone - I haven't made it to storytime yet as my two have been struck down by colds and bad moods, is it on every Wed?

MinaLoy Fri 06-Feb-09 13:44:10

Hey Stefka that's exciting about the theatre company work! We didn't make it to the toddler group yesterday but we'll be there next week. We DID make it to Toddle Round this morning and it was great as usual. I think I spotted a Mumsnetter or two, but the blind-date shyness kicked in I'm afraid...

Stefka Tue 03-Feb-09 18:38:08

No storytime for me tomorrow as I have a meeting in a school about some work. I also have about six weeks worth of work with a theatre company on Wednesdays so won't be there for a while. Hope to get to the toddler group again though - thought that was lovely.

MinaLoy Wed 28-Jan-09 22:38:22

Off to read AIBU now...

justneedsomesleep Wed 28-Jan-09 14:29:43

hi minaloy,
thanks, wandered up to whsmith and got their last copy.
don't think i am their typical FT buyer - baby in buggy and toddler in hand! grin
I like to peruse the stock markets while ironing, changing nappies, washing faces and reading bedtime stories!
Actually, in a previous life, i have been to the FT offices.....oh when i had a 'proper' life....

Anyway, just need to get myself a briefcase for the party and I'm all set - Mr Dow Jones.

See you next week!
read aibu!

MinaLoy Wed 28-Jan-09 12:36:19

Justneedsomesleep - I went to Morrisons after the library and saw that they have the Financial Times. The lady says they don't get many copies and they sell out quickly most days. But I bet WH Smith's carries it too.

mummyto2princes Sat 24-Jan-09 09:17:13

forgot to say my msn messenger email is lynetteisonline@hotmail.com if anyone fancys a chat sometime x

mummyto2princes Sat 24-Jan-09 09:16:24

Think i will try the story time on wed morning.So its 1030 at falkirk library? I will be the one with the cheeky looking boy who prob wont sit still!

Stefka Fri 23-Jan-09 20:58:22

From what I understand Cod is an old member who had leave for some reason. People refer to her a lot but it is before my time and I am not really sure what it is actually all about!

saraloui Fri 23-Jan-09 20:53:33

Hi Stefka - I remember you and your lovely little boy, great to speak to you again.

I'd be up for storytime although my little horror (2 in Feb) isn't very good at sitting still.

Hi Minaloy - what's a "cod badge"?

Stefka Fri 23-Jan-09 20:23:41

Toddler group sounds fab! I've never been turned away from the creche either. I think I had to wait once for about five mintues. Dareh had his first ever dirty nappy there this week and Alison said she was having a week of it with both the twins having had one too!

I am up for storytime again. Dareh has fun even if he doesn't pay that much attention to the stories!

justneedsomesleep Fri 23-Jan-09 19:37:57

forgot to say - it's morning 10.30am

justneedsomesleep Fri 23-Jan-09 19:37:22

hi mummyto2princes, i think it's fine for both to go. It's not very busy and toddler/pre-school is who it's aimed at. I took ds from when he was born as his sister went. He mostly slept and fed though! Now the big window and little play table are the attention grabbers when he goes! Hoping he'll pay attention eventually....oh well...grin

will be there on wed all - feeling much better, took a trip to loch lomond shores today as it was so wet....wet there too!

mummyto2princes Fri 23-Jan-09 17:19:26

what time is the storytime on at my two are 4 and 14 weeks is it ok for the two of them to go? If its in the morning thats cool cause we have enjoyaball in the afternoon!

MinaLoy Fri 23-Jan-09 16:12:05

Hi thatsnotmymonster, no you don't have to book the creche at the Mariner, it's first come first served, but in eighteen months we've never been turned away, so it's usually fine! Their phone number is (01324) 503750.

MinaLoy Fri 23-Jan-09 15:45:26

Well done Dareh! Get walking and then you can come to the St Andrews Church toddler group!

We went yesterday and it was great. Song, story, snack, lots of friendly people.

Shall we all try to go to Storytime at Falkirk library on Wednesday? Wearing "cod" badges to be recognisable to one another!

thatsnotmymonster Fri 23-Jan-09 14:55:14

Hi ladies, sorry not been on here for a while. The creche at the Mariner sounds fab- do you have to book?

I would love to meet up with anyone (my 3 are nearly 4, 2.5 and 9mths). I live in Whitburn so don't really hand out in Falkirk tho I have been to soft play there before.

Also, we are trying to rent out our spare room. It's a double bedroom. If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested could you let me know? I would need to take references.
It will be £65 pw.


mummyto2princes Thu 22-Jan-09 21:52:48

hiya - just to say i was at st andrews church baby group today-was quite nice quite a few people there also a toddler area upstairs which was well resources and the ladies organising it were very helpful. Also was at falkirk free church on mon afternnon and was really good - lots of mums and babies/toddlers and everyone very friendly.

Stefka Thu 22-Jan-09 15:00:43

Yes it was meeks road - I remember you saying you had moved up from Cornwall and talking to you about St Ives. Glad she is all better now!

saraloui Thu 22-Jan-09 11:23:42

Ooops - I mean I've been on holiday not hoiday!

saraloui Thu 22-Jan-09 11:20:44

Hi Stefka - if it was Meeks Road surgery then it was probably me, Ishbel fine now. I haven't looked at these pages for a while as I've been on hoiday, I seem to have missed a lot. I've used the creche at the Mariner since Ishbel was 5 weeks old, she goes in there while I take my toddler to minigym, it's great and the ladies who run it are lovely.

Stefka Thu 22-Jan-09 08:37:24

Ahh wondered where you were! We popped along to story time today but Dareh was more interested in looking out the window. Ah well what can you do!

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