Hey Falkirks Mums!! Is there anyone else out there?

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Just a quick (and long overdue) intro as the Falkirk Tsarina!

Hopefully we'll get more going on in our area!

MinaLoy Thu 01-Jan-09 21:53:03

Ooo, a little bit of activity on the Falkirk page. I've lived in Falkirk for a few years, now I've got 21 month old twin girls and though I've got twin-mum friends in Bo'ness, (where our twin and multiples club meets) I haven't really met many local mums. So if anyone fancies it, may I suggest the Toddle-Round at Falkirk library on Jan 9th? 10.30am.

thatsnotmymonster Thu 01-Jan-09 21:58:22

I would but I have to pick ds up from nursery at 11.30am. Any afternoon would be fine?

MinaLoy Thu 01-Jan-09 22:12:51

Great name, can I change mine to "They'renotmymonsters"? Yes afternoons are fine, where do you hang out in Falkirk? We tend to stick to the library coz it's free and warm!

Stefka Fri 02-Jan-09 11:28:14

I've not been to toddle round yet as DS is only 14 months and not walking yet. Did you know you need to get tickets for it now? I noticed that when I was in the Library the other day - I think they are released a couple of weeks before hand.

There is someone with twin girls who uses the creche at the Mariner centre - that's not you is it?

MinaLoy Wed 07-Jan-09 12:14:08

Yes that's me at the Mariner all right! And Yes, you have to get tickets for Toddle Round now, they say it's because all the buggies parked in the library represent a fire risk!!! Which sounds so daft but maybe they have a point - they do clog the place up. I have my tickets though! If DS isn't walking yet maybe you should go to Bounce and Tickle? That's brilliant too.

conkertree Wed 07-Jan-09 16:23:52

ooh is there a creche at the mariner centre? didnt know that - i live a wee bit outside falkirk, near kilsyth, but have been trying to find some sort of exercise that i could do on days that i am at home with ds (other than walk cause am getting bored with that).

MinaLoy Thu 08-Jan-09 13:14:59

The creche at the mariner centre is AMAZING! Eileen and Alison are the ladies who run it, they have run it for about 18 years and they are absolute sweeties. It's absurdly cheap as well - a pound an hour! Oh, don't get me started on the wonders of the Mariner Centre...I would give it the Nobel Prize for saving my sanity.

Stefka Sat 10-Jan-09 19:49:34

Ohhh I know who you are! I have discovered my first mumsnetter! My DS uses the creche while I am using the gym. I see your girls there a lot. I agree that the creche is fantastic, DS loves it.

justneedsomesleep Sat 10-Jan-09 19:54:11

hi all,
can is suggest storytime in Falkirk library on wed morning at 10.30. I take my 1 year old son and 3 year old daughter and both love it. No tickets, not very busy and under-rated. The librarians are lovley and both my dc got a present at Christmas when they went. They read a few stories and colour in.

Stefka Sat 10-Jan-09 20:24:38

That sounds nice. My DS has just turned one - would he like it do you think?

MinaLoy Sun 11-Jan-09 11:13:56

Hello Stefka! How funny, i don't know who you are but will be looking closely at all the mums at the creche now!

Storytime sounds lovely, perhaps I will bunk the gym and come along...then we can all look furtively at one another and guess who is who. Oh, except that me having twins is a bit of a give-away!

It's REALLY nice that there is some activity on these pages.

Stefka Sun 11-Jan-09 12:32:47

I agree! Is the storytime on every Wednesday then? Or is it just once a month like bounce and tickle?

I think you would know me if you saw me as I am often using the gym when you are at your class. I'll say hello next time!

MinaLoy Sun 11-Jan-09 13:09:37

Hmmm, Justneedsomesleep tell us about storytime - is it every week? I don't think I've seen posters up. Just wondering whether the twins are too wee...21 months but it's a miracle if they sit still long enough for me to read to them. I'd hate them to wreck the joint while the other kids were trying to listen...

Stefka Sun 11-Jan-09 13:12:47

My DS might be too young too - he's only 15 months.

justneedsomesleep Sun 11-Jan-09 15:29:59

Hi again, Stefka my ds is only fifteen months old now and he enjoys it! If not there is a little play table which keeps him amused as well as a huge floor to ceiling window which looks out onto the street - great fun!

Minaloy - It's on every wednesday and i will prob be there this week with ds and dd so hope to see you all! I will be wearing a red rose in my coat pocket (so as you can all recognise me)grin

Truly is very good and they have them at Larbert too on a tues at 10, but even though it's closer, i prefer the falkirk one.

mibbes Sun 11-Jan-09 17:24:46

Quick question ladies - I am a new mum and my DS is nearly 6 weeks old. How old do they have to be to go into the Mariner creche ? It sounds great and I'd love to start exercising again in the next few weeks. Are there good classes or do people just use the gym ? I had a c-section so prob have to wait a few more weeks before doing anything too exertive.

Stefka Sun 11-Jan-09 19:08:55

You can take them to the creche from birth. They are fantastic really. There are classes and there is also a gym. I joined the gym myself and some people do the classes.

I will pop along on Wednesday. I will look for you! Perhaps we should have a code word wink

conkertree Sun 11-Jan-09 21:00:38

another question for you Falkirk experts - what times is the creche available at, and do you book, or just turn up?

I havent been to the Mariner centre before, but is there a swimming pool and gym in the same bit?

justneedsomesleep Sun 11-Jan-09 21:08:11

Steka - the eagle has landed or if you followed all that fishy nonsense, I believe COD would suffice!grin

Stefka Sun 11-Jan-09 21:41:53

The creche is open from 9:30-12:30 in the morning then 1:30-3:20 in the afternoon. You don't need to book, it's first come, first served. I have only had to wait for a place once. Upstairs is a gym and down stairs is the swimming pool and a studio and gym hall where they do the classes.

I'm afraid I have missed the Cod stuff - I have no clue what it is all about!

justneedsomesleep Sun 11-Jan-09 21:46:23

I missed it too (read about it enough since though!), but if you were at storytime and said to your ds that you were having cod for dinner I would know it was you! grin

MinaLoy Sun 11-Jan-09 22:26:12

Wooo hooo! mibbes and conkertree gird your loins ladies. There is the most amazing class (called Alan's ladies' class) that happens on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, starting at ten am, ending whenever Alan jolly well pleases (usually 11.30 or so). It's a mixed ability, cardio and weights class and it's a lot of fun (some of the ladies have been going for eight years!) It's a right laugh but it is hard work...I have lost eighteen kilos since I started (just over a year ago). It was my first ever introduction to exercise (bookish girl, I was) and now I'm mad about it. But if you don't fancy such hard work, you can put babes in the creche and go and have a swim, or even just drink coffee in the cafe. Hooray for the Mariner.

tassisssss Sun 11-Jan-09 22:35:09

Hello girls! I'm so glad I've found this thread as I've been meaning to check out the creche at the mariner centre for months. I'd like to be able to take my toddler swimming but can't take her and our baby together. Plus I'd like to leave both while I have a quick run at the gym. This could be perfect. How long can I leave them for? Are the babies and toddlers in together? Is it a pound an hour per child? (agree v v cheap!). Maybe see some of you there.

Stefka Mon 12-Jan-09 07:50:13

How much is that class by the way? Alan has tried to recruit me a couple of times but I always just go to the gym!

You can leave them for up to two hours and everyone is in together. It's a pound an hour but I think a second child gets a cheaper rate but only have one so don't quote me on that!

conkertree Mon 12-Jan-09 09:25:07

wow this all sounds great - cant believe ds is 17 months old and i've never discovered the creche before.

need to get my butt in gear and get down there. alan's class sounds great for once i am no longer pg - maybe a bit high energy for straight after the birth though, but something to aim for.

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