Hey Falkirks Mums!! Is there anyone else out there?

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Just a quick (and long overdue) intro as the Falkirk Tsarina!

Hopefully we'll get more going on in our area!

Devonshire Wed 01-Aug-07 23:24:29

congrats on your new position as our local Tsarina!

i live in falkirk too and will watch the local section with interest!

Stefka Tue 28-Aug-07 12:45:58

Hi I am in Falkirk too!!! I am pleased to see some activity in this section

foxymagoo Mon 03-Sep-07 20:24:03

I'm a falkirk bairn too born and bred. Have a ds who is 15 months.

I'll add this to my 'threads I'm watching'

Stefka Wed 05-Sep-07 13:22:56

I wasn't born here - been here for a couple of years now.

I am expecting my first in 6 weeks time.

Did you go to Stirling to have your DS foxymagoo? If so I would love to hear how you got on there as that is where I am booked to have my baby.

foxymagoo Fri 07-Sep-07 20:44:36

Yes I had ds in Stirling. Without boring you with my rather long birth story I found the care there excellent. We had three shift changes during labour and the midwifes/docotors were fantastic.

Post-natally I was very lucky as I had a private room for the first two nights before being transferred to the ward for my last night. Being on the Ward made me appreciate having my own room but again the midwifes were attentive and the student ones great to talk to.

I breastfed ds and had a lot of care and attention from staff helping me get it established. Forth Valley is very pro breastfeeding and I felt I got more attention on the ward as I was the only one bf.

Hope everything goes well smile

Stefka Sat 08-Sep-07 10:50:09

Thank you that is really great to hear! I plan to breastfeed to so I am glad they are so supportive. I have been getting nervous about the hospital - I am so glad you had such a positive experience there. I hope it will be the same for me

my2weegirls Thu 20-Sep-07 16:13:49

hello - thought i would just add myself onto here. i'm another falkirk bairn born and bred.

oops DD2 is squawking for some food - be back later!

Stefka Fri 21-Sep-07 08:50:13

Hi there my2weegirls

LilMunki Sat 20-Oct-07 14:37:17

Just popping in to say hello, I'm in the Falkirk area and currently expecting my first.

Anyway hello grin

my2weegirls Mon 22-Oct-07 14:26:31

hello - i'm taking DD1 to teeny twisters on friday for the first time - anyone been before?

hi there lilmunki - congratulations and when are you due?

stefka - have you had your baby?

Stefka Wed 24-Oct-07 19:08:51

Yes - on Sunday at 4am. A wee boy

my2weegirls Thu 25-Oct-07 09:20:04

congratulations grin hope you are both well - enjoy every second of your new arrival grin

gscrym Fri 26-Oct-07 07:44:54

Another Falkirk one here too. Hope you're all doing fine.

Stefka Mon 05-Nov-07 22:01:25

How's everyone? I am wondering what sort of mother - baby things are available in our area. Does anyone know? Not that I am ready to leave the house yet - actually it feels like I will never leave the house again!

foxymagoo Wed 07-Nov-07 20:11:40

There's lots of things (although some are for when they're a bit older)

Baby massage (at Camelon Health Centre)

Breastfeeding support Group (at Dawson Centre)

Bounce and Tickle (singing class at Library)

Playgroups (we go to Lochgreen and its from birth onwards)

Soft Play (one in Grangemouth and two in Falkirk)

Salvation Army Mother and Toddler (every Friday)

St Andrews Church M&T (every Thurs. morning)

That's enough to be getting on with grin

Stefka Wed 07-Nov-07 22:43:35

Sounds great! Don't know why I am worried - not able to leave the house yet! I love the idea of baby massage.

foxymagoo Thu 08-Nov-07 12:30:35

Baby massage was lovely - 9.30am or 10.30am on a Monday morning. ds loved it (we started going when he was 12 weeks old until he was about 5 months). I met some lovely Mums there too who I bump into at other things.

Stefka You need to add you ds's picture to your profile so we can goo over him!

Stefka Thu 08-Nov-07 13:52:54

I didn't know I had a profile - I will go and look for it!

Stefka Thu 08-Nov-07 14:00:03

Oh yes found it! Added one - it's a couple of weeks old now so he already looks really different!

foxymagoo Sat 10-Nov-07 13:29:46

Can't see it... did you click save changes?

Stefka Tue 13-Nov-07 10:24:55

ops - no! I think I did it right this time though.

foxymagoo Tue 13-Nov-07 13:53:22

awwww.... He is lovely.

How is the feeding going?

Stefka Wed 14-Nov-07 09:28:22

\not very well. I have cracked nipples and thrush and it is very painful. I am giving the situation till Sunday because at the moment feeding is pretty traumatic. I really want to breast feed but I am in a lot of pain. I really hope I can get it sorted though. The support I am getting is great - the midwifes were lovely and I have a good health visitor so hopefully I will get there.

foxymagoo Thu 15-Nov-07 13:15:37

Good for you for persevering... Have you tried nipple shields? I had blocked milk ducts for first two weeks and had to clench my teeth during left side feed but it thankfully went away..

Remember there is also the Breastfeeding support group at 1.30pm in the Dawson Centre in Langlees. It is run by Health Visitors who specialise in b/feeding...

Remember whatever you decide: happy Mum = happy baby!!

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