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UmPixie Tue 13-Dec-16 08:19:26

Hi All

we have a possible/probable move to exeter approaching later this year.

We live abroad which means until possible/probable moves to probable/certain we can't really be whizzing over for on the ground research but my usual google everything approach is working ok for primaries but not turning up v current info and discussions on secondary schools in exeter.

As it may end up being a fast turnaround I'm trying to arm myself with as much info as possible so that as and when i can move fast.......

sooooo can anyone give me a kind of summary of the state secondary situation.

We are not church goers and we would be looking at state schools not independent schools.

eldest Dc will be going into yr 6 in September so I'm assuming we'll have to move into the catchment of the secondary we want so narrowing that down would really help with all aspects

Grateful for any thoughts/info/advice

Thank you!

Tintinn Tue 13-Dec-16 19:43:14

I'd ideally live outside of Exeter (which is not that nice in my view, though I know others like it). And go for Exmouth (aiming for Colyton Grammar, but good comprehensive there too), or Teignmouth (aiming for Torquay grammars, but local comprehensive is good). That should do it! Both on a good train line to Exeter.

carrotcakecupcake Wed 14-Dec-16 10:36:29

I don't have DC in secondary, but have heard good things about QE in Crediton which is also outside of Exeter. Various nice villages and hamlets around the Crediton area, also on a train line to Exeter.

LollyN Wed 14-Dec-16 16:41:05


Colton Grammar and others are selective so it depends if you are confident on passing the exams.

I also agree outside Exeter might be better. You could look at King's School in Ottery St Mary. Both of my daughters have been at The Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis - they both love it and so do I. My eldest did her GCSEs last year and got great results. It is good with Maths and Art, but all subjects are covered well. An old fashioned attitude to behaviour etc. but forward thinking in terms of ways of working.

UmPixie Wed 14-Dec-16 19:32:28

Thanks folks this is all really helpful--i am now merrily googling all the above (and right moving of course)
DH is predictably grumpy at prospect of any kind of commute (perhaps he'd like to take a camp bed to the office and just move in there) He also wants a south facing garden to grow veggies in - no idea how he thinks he'll find such a thing in middle of exeter for a price us mere mortals can afford.
personally i'd like to live by the sea so will check out Teignmouth and Exmouth, looks like it might be possible to live in N of exeter and get a school place at QE Crediton-and allow himself to walk/bike to work so will investigate that too

NotADevonMaid Mon 13-Mar-17 23:03:11

I've got one at St. James' and one at St. Luke's and I'm happy with both so far, though St. James' has the edge for me, it has a real energy, great results, "no bullying" according to DC1, and aims to stretch all levels of pupils, at the top and the bottom of the scale as well as the borderline students. St. Peter's still has a good reputation, but resting on its laurels? St. Peter's also overtly a church school, with matching selection criteria. There are some really great schools in Exeter, both primary and secondary, I think we're really lucky here.

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