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u751904 Fri 30-Sep-16 20:29:14

Hi I am trying to decide which secondary to send my daughter to. I live close to St James ( 20 mins walk) I have a daughter who has gone to Broadclyst. She is quite creative, and reasonably bright. Some things like Maths she lack confidence in other things like English she is above the average for her age.

Whilst I think exam results are important I'm also conscious of giving her an all round experience at school and enjoy her experience, for this reason I am leaning towards ISCA because of the creative elements they offer. I think they are both good schools but after the open evenings I was a bit disappointed by St James lack of 'inspiration' and specifically I mean there wasn't much creative evidence of work on the walls. Its of reminded me of my school and that was 25 years ago at least.

I can't get my head around what the 'theme' of St James is if the theme of ISCA is creative. ISCA does all the subjects that St James does, apart from I think something like statistics !? But then ISCA has better arts resources and added choices. It also presented what I thought was added value like a strong duke of Edinburgh. All are enrolled in DoE at year 9.

St James has better results at GCSE than ISCA but ISCAs added value and inspiring Maths teacher got me. (in a good way)

Any thoughts please? thank you

Hultin Sat 01-Oct-16 20:13:48

Are you able to go to the open mornings next week at Isca? Maybe you could have another look to help you decide.

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