Moving to Exeter for Summer 2017

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Dededum Tue 05-Jul-16 19:32:30

We are planning a move to Exeter.

Terrible timing we have two boys one who will be starting GCSE's and the other A levels. Ideally good state sixth form college for eldest and maybe private for youngest, smart but unfocused so probably not Exeter college or state. Don't really mind which.

Any thoughts on good schools either private or state.

tint Wed 06-Jul-16 12:52:24

Are you planning on being in Exeter or the surrounding area?

If you want state, then my preference would be outside Exeter. Either Kings at Ottery, Uffculme or South Dartmoor would all allow a commute into Exeter. Uffculme has no sixth form - i think they go on to Richard Huish in Taunton or to Exeter College.

Congratulations, it's beautiful.

WhycantIhavemyusualname Wed 06-Jul-16 19:21:30

I second King's in Ottery. Extremely good school, state.

Dededum Sat 09-Jul-16 17:40:55

How about Exeter College? Would prefer to be in Exeter.

WhycantIhavemyusualname Sat 09-Jul-16 21:32:30

Exeter College isn't a school as such, though a lot of kids do IVth Form there. DD will be starting there in Sept. It is highly recommended in fact - at least by most people I know! An awful lot of students who find school IV Form doesn't work for them transfer there, and are much happier and do well. I know quite a lot of home edders finally go there too.

I gather the art dept is amazing (I know lots of people with arty kids).

How old are your children?

WhycantIhavemyusualname Sat 09-Jul-16 21:36:07

I had OU tutorials there, but that's the extent of my direct knowledge of it. I know people who have done adult ed/training stuff there too, and they were all happy with their courses and teachers (and got jobs after).

There is also indie schools, like Colyton, Maynards etc. if you're interestedin those.

Dededum Sun 10-Jul-16 08:33:22

I have one who will need sixth form and another GCSE's. The youngest may stay where he is and board.

The eldest I think needs a sixth form college as opposed to a sixth form in standard school.

MissMol Sun 10-Jul-16 10:42:36

Ds1 is halfway through his alevels at exeter college having come straight from a very small private school in the city and is loving it. They're justxstruxt enough but treat them as the young adults they are. He's doing science subjects and they have a whole new building for it which is great. I'd really recommend it. He is flourishing in a personal sense, and has 'found his people'.

WhycantIhavemyusualname Sun 10-Jul-16 13:18:58

That's interesting, MissMol. As I said, we know lots of arty-type people, but few scientists with sciency kids. DD will be doing 2 sciences at Exeter so I'm glad to hear about that side of things. New science block! Looks like she'll be travelling between buildings.

Dededum Sun 10-Jul-16 19:39:20

So if we lived in/close to Exeter and DS1 went to Exeter College where could younger DS2 go to do his GCSE's ? State or private?

MissMol Sun 10-Jul-16 19:54:28

Either. Hardly any of the state schools have sixth forms in exeter. Catchment area for exeter college is vast. Ds has friends that come as far as Bude to go there. Going back many many years, I went to private school in exeter (which did have a 6th form) then left and went to go to Exeter college as I was desperate to escape by then! Ds1's private school only went up to GCSE level.

marmiteloversunite Sun 10-Jul-16 20:05:41

There is also the Maths school if your DD wants to do Maths based subjects for A' level. They basically do Maths, Further Maths and Physics.

marmiteloversunite Sun 10-Jul-16 20:05:56

Sorry DS.

Dededum Sun 10-Jul-16 20:34:50

Kings in Ottery for DS2, have to live close by I would imagine (assuming places) and Exter College for DS1.

All they have to do is offer me the job!!

marmiteloversunite Sun 10-Jul-16 21:13:09

As someone who drives into Exeter every day I would have a look at the schools in Exeter for your second DS, so that you can live in Exeter. Driving can be a pain and public transport not as convenient if you are used to a larger city and that infrastructure.

Dededum Sun 10-Jul-16 23:35:20

Thanks marmite, I definitely prefer cities so will look at secondaries in Exeter. Any recommendations?

How hard is it to get into Exeter college?

bbbiscuits Mon 11-Jul-16 06:36:21

What year is your youngest going into? All the secondary schools I know in Exeter are starting gcse courses in year 9 now. So over 3 years. Some schools are starting this September and others already, Therefore if your youngest is going into year 10 you might want to check which schools they will not have missed a year of the course.

marmiteloversunite Mon 11-Jul-16 07:44:19

Exeter College seems vast so I don't think there is too much worry about getting in. I don't have much experience of the state system but St Peters has always been seen as one of the top state schools in Exeter. I have friends with children at Clyst Vale which is just out of the city and Has a sixth form. St Luke's is seen as the sporty state school. If you want to know about private schools I can probably tell you more.

Dededum Mon 11-Jul-16 14:08:46

And private yes please.

DS2 at relaxed private at the moment, but is an easy going kid who makes friends easily. Smart but not particularly academic. Think Exeter School might be a bit of a push to get into.

Dededum Mon 11-Jul-16 14:18:16

St Peters - 3 year GCSE
Clyst Vale - 2 year GCSE

MissMol Mon 11-Jul-16 15:29:21

Try St Wilfrids for relaxed very small private school. My other two are starting this sept (into yr 7 and yr9). Teeny weeny class sizes, non selective so mixed ability. Always seems to get good GCSE results though. Exeter school (mixed) and Maynard (girls) both competitive academically but great facilities. Brambean also possible option? But don't know much about it.

marmiteloversunite Mon 11-Jul-16 16:33:37

I agree that St Wilfrids is probably a good fit. Exeter school is very sporty and competitive. Bramdean is small and mixed. They have a strong school choir but I think the boys there are quite competitive too. Don't bother with Magdalen Court school.

MissMol Mon 11-Jul-16 16:42:01

Oh god no not magdalen court <shudder> I've heard baaaaaaad things about that school

marmiteloversunite Mon 11-Jul-16 16:42:41

Also St Wilfrids is very close to the college so your boys could travel to school/ college together.

Dededum Mon 11-Jul-16 17:23:52

St Wilfrids could be a bit small, sounds even smaller than the place he is at, think DS2 would prefer a bigger school.

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