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Lornahendry Fri 11-Dec-15 21:09:32

Hi, we are thinking of relocating to Exeter Devon and I'm looking for suggestions for places to live in the region. Ideally want to be near the sea and good schools for my 6 and 11 year old. I will be working in Exeter but could commute up to about 15 miles. Any idea and opinions would be appreciated

FleurEX1 Sun 13-Dec-15 16:05:45

Hi Lorna, thanks for starting the thread. I'm also relocating to Exeter. I used to live there for years and I'm excited to be moving back but its changed so much since I left.

Topsham and Exmouth are close to the sea. But I have no idea about schools and commuting etc.

Let's hope a local will help us out smile my DS is 2 so I need to live somewhere with amenities. ( We currently have no toddler group, nursery, primary school or park. It's utter misery )

Are there any non students areas in the city? We used to live in St Leonard's and I loved it. But not sure its suitable for a family now.

Yorkshirepudding1981 Tue 15-Dec-15 20:28:23

There are some beautiful villages in East Devon. Whimple is fab, not too near the sea though. If you want to be near the sea maybe South Devon, Teignmouth? Or Exmouth? Both less than 15 miles from Exeter.
Exeter wise, Heavitree & St Leonard's both lovely. Heavitree slightly cheaper but good access to the city. Both have good state schools in their catchment areas.

bbbiscuits Wed 16-Dec-15 18:28:35

We moved to St Leonard's a few years ago and are very happy. Very popular with families. Primary school outstanding in every category. A few toddler groups, cafe's, good park, lovely local pubs and so close to the quay. Plus my favourite you can walk into town!

LocalEditorExeter Thu 17-Dec-15 12:56:47

I used to live in Exmouth - it was lovely but just a bit big for us (we've since moved to village on edge of Dartmoor!).

There is loads going for families though - events, 2 x new soft plays (one in Ocean on seafront meant to be really good!), the beach obviously (I LOVED living near sea) and lots of parks etc. You can cycle along the Estuary too, which is brilliant. Bicton isn't far - soft play, tractor shed, train ride, big park, cafe, beautiful walks and picnic spots, very cheap for season pass - I really miss having this just down the road. Plus Dart's Farm, the park by The Puffing Billy. You've got the train into Exeter too - and boat trips in the summer. It was much easier to find entertainment in the winter months there than it is where I am now.

However, if you work in Exeter, the commute isn't great at rush hour! You can go the back way via Woodbury, or there's the train I guess.
There are some lovely villages around it - like Lympstone and Woodbury. They are pricey but for good reason! We heard great things about Woodbury school in particular. Lympstone is a beautiful little village and I know lots of lovely mums there. These spots are just that bit closer to Exeter and may give you more options with schools.

My friends have sent their children to schools all over Exmouth and seem happy with them. The Beacon springs to mind. I'm afraid I don't know much about them as we moved before my eldest has started.
We wanted to find a smaller village school and community, which is why we moved. Also to get more garden for our money! But we go back to Exmouth lots and I miss seeing the sea every day.

There are some lovely villages around Exeter with great schools. You can't really go wrong around here!!

Geoka7 Fri 01-Jan-16 11:05:31

Hello to everyone and happy new year! I am from Greece and I am planning to move to Exeter. I have found a job to health cross at Cameron, Whitestone. I want your help about the life in Exeter because after 6 months I am planning to take with me and my family (my wife and my son 14 years old)

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