Boxing classes for Mummies or women?

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Halfpint737 Wed 05-Aug-15 21:43:28


I am moving to Exeter from Southwark in London at the end of August.

I currently attend a Mummies boxing classes where we punch using pads and baby comes too.

I was wondering if anyone knew of anything smiliar in Exeter?

Or are there any personal trainers who could teach this?

clioann Sun 09-Aug-15 12:53:38

Hi Halfpint737, what a brilliant idea. I have a friend in London who has just trained as a combat instructor. She loves it and is in amazing shape. I need this in my life to get fit and have an outlet for dealing with baby and toddler!! I'll share this on our Facebook and Twitter to see if I can get some more info through these networks. Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere myself.

Best of luck with the move. We've just moved house too. Crazy days.

clioann Mon 10-Aug-15 21:57:34

Hi again,

Have had these responses on the Mumsnet Exeter Facebook page:

Laura Charlesworth: There is a Box fit gym that does various classes in Starcross, just outside Exeter with personal trainers too.

Katie Southard: I am a personal trainer in exeter I fun cardio kickboxing, can do pt pad work sessions smile emoticon

Hope this helps x

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