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Tintinn Fri 03-Jul-15 12:07:49

We're thinking about grammar. Can anyone recommend (or otherwise) either Colyton or the Torquay grammars?

LocalEditorExeter Thu 09-Jul-15 13:40:58

Hi Tintinn, I posted your message on our Facebook page to make sure our community on there saw your post. We had a few comments: I've copied and pasted them in just in case you're not on Facebook:

It's a long way to go and if your child is bright enough and you are engaged enough then they'll do fine pretty much anywhere, plus they'll get to meet lots of different people, rather than a more homogeneous bunch and become more rounded adults as a result.

I had a "mixed schooling" experience with the Woodroffe School (local and very good comprehensive), boarding school and then Colyton GS. While boarding school gave me enormous horizons and some incredible opportunities I got the best grounding at my local comp. I was relieved when my daughter decided against Colyton in the end, I don't like their hot-housing techniques and no matter what they say, the pressure that is put on the students by the school, some parents and often the children themselves is enormous. If you have a child that is naturally very studious and wants to be study led and can cope well with pressure then by all means. If your child is vaguely "black sheep" like and an individual then they'll struggle to find their niche at Colyton. Only my opinion as an ex-pupil and now parent of GCSE age kids. I agree with you Angela completely, gifted and able children will thrive anywhere with the right amount of input. GS commuting needs to be factored in to any decision as that potentially impacts the entire family.

I went to CGS and am not sure I'll get my children to take the 11 plus as its really hard being one of the brightest children at primary school, then going into an environment where you are below average. It's even worse now with children coming from all over the country. I'm not completely ruling it out but my son is only 7 so have plenty of time and currently our local school is doing incredibly well and I can see my son doing well there.

Horses for courses...My child has thrived at CGS and finds the positive attitude to learning and expanding horizons among their peers refreshing. The commute is social time and enjoyed.

Tintinn Thu 09-Jul-15 14:00:57

Many thanks - v helpful as I'm not on Facebook.

LocalEditorExeter Thu 09-Jul-15 20:02:49

No problem.

Are you looking at Torquay Grammar boys or girls? I have a friend who works at the girls' school so could ask for her input.

maximum4 Wed 15-Jul-15 22:10:29

I have 4 children - my eldest is at TBGS & the two middle children, are students locally at the secondary school. My youngest would like to go to TGGS - personally there are pros & cons to both - my middle two didn't want to go to Grammar school and both are thriving academically & socially within their chosen setting. My eldest's social life plummeted when he started TBGS due to his long days 07.30 train & not arriving home until after 17.00 (absolutely shattered) plus all his friends were mostly in Torquay or further afield - which involved us ferrying him around - and at times he really couldn't even be bothered to socialise - which we found difficult as he was originally our most outgoing child. The middle two (who had the option of Grammar - passing the 11+) have both become very confident, both love school and despite, us as parents - having reservations about the local community school it has certainly been the right decision for them. Currently we have 4 children at three different schools - not how we planned it but it works for us! All I would say is the Grammar suits some children but not all (even the 'most' able children are not always suited to that 'fit'). Our eldest is happy there, academically has done well, but he is a little 'cocky' ie over confident - in our opinion about his academic abilities - this has NOT come from us, but the ethos of the school appears to give them the idea that they are 'better' than everyone else! There are 'Pros & Cons' for whatever option you decide on. I have no experience of Colyton.

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