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LoopyM Thu 18-Jun-15 14:37:39

I am moving in under 2 weeks to Topsham and need any advice on nurseries, we have put my daughter into Puffins in ClystHeath as this seems to be the this right? Also any advice on toddler groups? I see there is one in Topsham on a Thursday and wondered whether anyone had been? Any help much appreciated smile

BeachBumMum2 Fri 19-Jun-15 11:36:10

Welcome to Exeter! Topsham is a wonderful place to live - and there are lots of young families there. I don't know much about nurseries but can help you with a few other bits.

1. Topsham Pop Up Play Cafe - this is at the Rugby Club during the week. It's a hall with lots of mats and plastic slides, play kitchens, little cars etc - great for under 3s. The cafe is nice and you can grab coffee, cake etc but also some nice lunches too. I would say this would be a great place to start - it's v popular. You'll meet other local mums there too who'll have some tips.

2. There's a lovely park on the way out of Topsham too - I've never been so can't help with directions but my friend often takes her son on the train from Lympstone. Ask about it!

3. I used to do Sing and Sign classes in Topsham with my baby - loved it. Unfortunately it looks at though they may have stopped doing it there - but worth dropping Sarah an email just in case : (if you're interested).

4. Jolly babies/Music with mummy - Karen used to run these classes but has stopped now. However, a lady called Wendy took over - I'm struggling to find info on the current classes - so it would be worth dropping her an email if you're interested:

5. There used to be a Bumps and Babies NCT group - but think this might have finished now too.

There are lots and lots of things happening in Exeter - and there are frequent buses - so that's an option too.

Best of luck with the move - and please keep coming to the talkboards - always happy to help x

LoopyM Fri 19-Jun-15 12:30:29

Thank you that's incredibly helpful, I will definitely try all those options.xx

PinhoePinhole Fri 19-Jun-15 14:48:11

Check out the Topsham Outdoor Pool website - perfect in this weather! There's a little park just behind it.

How old are your dc? There are preschools closer than clyst Heath ie Pebble House, Countess Wear, Little Dragons. DISC shows you childcare close to your postcode. Depending on we're you're going to work there may be lots more options.

The park by the estuary is fab, and there are ballet classes at the youth centre by the rec from age 2.

LoopyM Sat 20-Jun-15 12:55:46

I cant wait to go to the pool, looks fab, my husband will be joining the nutters club too whilst I promise myself I will exercise soon. She is only 19 months so not quite ready for pre school but I will be looking and hopefully get her name down for those as Topsham seems to be quite crowded..think it is Hope House? Definitely try ballet although she is quite a tomboy and very tall like her dad and I hated ballet!! But got to try everything..

Thank you for your help.x

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