Exeter for weekend-- where to go?

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thekitchenfairy Thu 20-Nov-14 07:52:48

DH and I have managed to sneak away without the kids for a weekend. I want to do some Xmas shopping etc but we will need to eat. I love Bills, Boston Tea House for breakfast but he wants something different to cafe rouge (my go-to shopping lunch place!).

We're only popping over the border from Cornwall but this feels like a real treat-- where should we make sure we don't miss!

Any recommendations for. Lunch or dinner? We may even <gasp> visit a pub or a bar Saturday night but I have no idea on this front.

Oh, and I need to be measured for a bra presume John Lewis but if you can recommend an independent, even better smile

adieutoyou Thu 20-Nov-14 17:06:17

There is a Bills in exeter but I can definitely recommend Giraffe for a delicious breakfast. For dinner I would recommend Las Iguanas (mexican) or the amaaazing Urban burger which has a great cocktail bar for after dinner. Cote on the cathedral green is great if you fancy somewhere posh but you would probably need to book.

The firehouse is great for live music, as is Mama Stones or the Bike Shed. You will tend to find a more friendly crowd with a range of ages if you're looking to avoid the chavvy places full of 18 year olds!
Alternatively the quay has a great pizza restaurant right by the river (warning, it gets flooded if rain is heavy)
I would recommend m&s for bra measuring but I think you need to book in.
Hope you have a great time.

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