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Molly1312 Wed 08-Jan-14 10:43:02

Hi I'm 25 and new to Exeter. I have a little boy who has just turned 1 and would really like to get out and about more with him.
I find it really difficult to go into group situations as I'm really shy so would love to meet other mummy's around my age that we could meet up with and go to groups/softplay areas etc.
We live in Cranbrook where there isant much here at the moment so happy to travel into Exeter.
I have tried many sites to meet mums but it never really goes anywhere, I really hope this time it works. Thanks :-)

MNExeterLocalEd Sun 02-Feb-14 19:06:27

Hi Molly. Sorry this hasn't had any replies so far! Have you had a look at our sister site Mumsnet Devon? We have a new local editor in East Devon and I know she's been up to all sorts!

Natlstephenson2879 Fri 21-Mar-14 20:52:51

Hi Molly, it is so good to hear that someone else is in the same situation!
I have also tried to find other mums to meet up with, but no luck.
I live in Bradninch with my husband and 17 month old and am stuck at home in the week and would love someone else to meet up with!
Please get in contact if you want to meet up. :-)

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