Nursery vs Childminder

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Becksbump Fri 13-Sep-13 16:39:56

Hi ladies

I'm having to return to work full time in January and I was wondering what to do about childcare. I'm looking at Kiddi Caru nursery but as they don't do half days for under 2 year olds (my husband works shifts so we'd probably only need a half day), i'm now thinking about maybe using a childminder instead.

Does anyone have any experience of Kiddi Caru, or any local childminders?

PinhoePinhole Sun 22-Sep-13 01:24:30

I found KC a bit big and busy for a little one and they were fairly pushy on the business side to me too. I know lots of people who've been happy with it though.

I love our CM and have been really happy with her. I found her through DISC who were really helpful.

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