moving to Exeter- primary school help??

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cherrytomato55 Sun 01-Sep-13 10:30:15

Hi there,
We are moving back to Exeter with our 2 DC aged 5 and 3. Used to live there in our twenties but work brought us to London, now we are finally moving back!

DD1 is just going into Y1 so we will need to find a school place for her. We used to live in St Thomas and we loved it, so I am tempted to move back, but not sure about schools, does anyone have any experience of St Thomas school? We also saw a lovely house to rent in Alphington, but again don't know much about the school.

We have friends who live in Heavitree and their DS goes to Ladysmiths school, which they like, so that's also a possibility.

Any recommendations? Or places to avoid??

Baxtersinc Sun 13-Oct-13 09:16:57

Yes I need to know about local primary schools too, which ones rank the best?

Thanks for your help! :-)

cherrytomato55 Thu 17-Oct-13 22:19:31

Hi Baxter, we got a place at Alphington school for DD1 in the end, which looks great- she starts in a few weeks!

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